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Robert Wright | Montague | Saturday May 1st 3:56 pm
Shad Harris I use the term old timer with respect and reverence. I do hope you are wrong but time is beginning to run out for me and prove you right. This should be the defining week. Good luck
Shadspoon | MALVERN | Saturday May 1st 11:51 am
JohnnyK, If you can catch them from shore with spin gear, just try to make the lure do the same thing. I fish Easton below the Lehigh. You need to pick your days when the fish are still there but fisherfolks are not thick. I use a 7wt. type III shooting head, you don't need long casts, cast straight across or a little upstream and mend to let it sink some. Swing it to the edge and jig it back. On a few days I have used small darts also. If you want numbers a spin rod is the tool to use. Keep an eye out as I have run into several fly fishers there. And, "if you are fishing your spin rod, you can't catch them on your fly rod". Keep trying.
ShadHarris | | Saturday May 1st 10:48 am
Rob W thanks for calling me an old-timer. Lol. Last season u were on a body of fish that decided to take residence there. They were not migrating. Lack of fish creates lack of volume and lack of fish continually moving up to make room for those coming behind them. Last year was a pretty poor run. This season is worse. I will still go on occasion but main run should be thick in all the areas I fish and they are not. My best stretches are not far south of you.
Jim c. | Boyertown | Friday April 30th 9:30 pm
20+ yrs since I shad fished. Setup in Easton from the boat above free bridge. Only 1 shad on a flatline dart. Was a guests first shad. That's the best part of the story. Lots of junk in the River. There were some fish being caught by all but generally slow above and below from what I seen.
Randy | | Friday April 30th 5:48 pm
First time out for shad on Tuesday evening above the gap, no shad or hits and put on a 6" rapala at dusk, first cast hooked a small musky about 14". Had another swipe at it a couple casts later. Found out later the state stocked musky in that size range this year tho they have had a musky program for years, but don't know the last time they stocked the Delaware. There was a boater back 2 or 3 years ago who I've seen specifically fishing for musky. My guess is they probably stock musky and walleye also every couple of years. Not the best for young shad or smaller fish in general.
Dennis J Scholl | Hellertown | Friday April 30th 4:22 pm
Mike - Vial fish? OMG, that's blasphemy. I honestly don't think you ever ate them properly prepared. They are excellent when made right.
Mike Dudas | Piscataway | Friday April 30th 12:06 pm
Through all the years I have been shad fishing, every time someone told me they ate those vile fish, I would almost loose my lunch. Only tasted them once but that was enough for me!
JohnnyK | Bucks | Friday April 30th 10:34 am
Hey Shadspoon, I’ve been trying to catch my first Shad on a fly rod and was curious what your technique is with the spoon. The usual cross stream cast and swing? Thanks for any tips.
| | Friday April 30th 7:14 am
Received reports yesterday that past Bi-State winner Kurt A went into the drink up to his neck. Thankfully he is fine, just a little waterlogged.
Shadspoon | MALVERN | Thursday April 29th 4:41 pm
WG, Sorry I never responded. My Doctor got "happy" with his knife and I am sidelined until June, when I will go to Maine. My total, below Conowingo this year was that one hickory. Never got to the Delaware. Last year I did not fish. Not many seasons left but I sure hope I have a few. Way back when... You could catch 100+ hickories in a day. Kept 3 rods rigged, a spoon, dart and rubber. If I didn't get a hit a change is all that was needed. Hooked up with Peter (Woofish) and he set me up making spoons. All I use these days is a fly rod with spoons and fish down at Rock Run. I sure hope to be there next year! Mostly hickories there but low water days I could wade out to a hole that always has a few whites. Pete
| | Thursday April 29th 9:12 am
5/6 from shore last night south of Easton. Beautiful evening
Dennis J Scholl | Hellertown | Thursday April 29th 7:57 am
While I also despise the jet skis, I am pretty sure they don't have any impact on spawning, since the fish spawn primarily after dark. Also, it might be a good idea to keep your political thoughts regarding new green deal and liars off this board. It is a fishing site, after all; no need to stir up politics. Plenty of other places to do that. But again, I hate jet skis, too.
Joseph C. | Phoenixville | Thursday April 29th 7:27 am
I took an hour to see what was popping at the Trenton bridges. Water looked beautiful. Nothin.
Patrick | Lambertville | Thursday April 29th 6:54 am
Fished lambertville yesterday afternoon/evening One hit. One boat had for. Temp 60. Up 10 from Saturday The bad news jet skis. Don’t know why these things are aloud on the River. Where’s the green new deal liers. The ski create a lot of wake eroded shorelines damage docks and vessels tied up to them. Noise pollution is through the roof. They swamp the the crew teams the are “oh wait a minute “actually being green. The fish are soon going to spawn and numbers are low pretty sure jet skis affect spawning.
Robert Wright | Montague | Wednesday April 28th 10:43 pm
Fished north of dingmans water temp 59, river snot, clear water, and wind. Only caught one shad. Just one. Last year at this time, 35 fish in half a day was the norm. Very little fish on fish finder. I might reluctantly agree with some of the old timers that this could be a poor run.
SUPERFISHERMAN | WATER GAP | Wednesday April 28th 9:42 pm
Wednesday April 28th - fished the gap and caught 1 buck in about 4 hours- from 11:15 am - 3:15pm- off and on about 6 other fisherman in same area and no one had anything- all it takes is one fish and the day is a total success- fishing with eagles - nothing better.
Gary Sheehan | Malvern | Wednesday April 28th 9:05 pm
Hey, fished Washington’s Crossing to NewHope as a kid, finally want a chance to land the Tarpon of the Delaware
RPS | Greeley | Wednesday April 28th 8:41 pm
Fished Zane Grey from shore tonight 4 - 7:30 no shad but did land a 21 lb. carp. that was on my 10' noodle rod with 6# test line on a 1/32 oz. dart. It put up some fight.
Charles mcquaid | Above Smithfield beach. | Wednesday April 28th 5:24 pm
Caught 2 today. The guy above me the same, he got 2. Water low and clear. This time last year was averaging around 8 to 12 fish in the same spots. Maybe May’s the month. Time will tell.
Joseph C. | Phoenixville | Wednesday April 28th 1:31 pm
I had a morning meeting in PA yesterday and was able to take the rest of the day off. I headed for Easton. I've never seen the Lehigh so low, and was afraid that the fish were not going to be there. I fished the boil below the dam on the north side and caught a couple buck shad to chase the skunk away. I saw a guy fishing above the island on the south side but didn't think much about it until I saw him walk back across to the boat ramp side with his dog bouncing along beside him! Yeah, shallow. I found a sturdy walking stick and made it across fairly easily, taking my time and making sure of each step. I caught 5 nice roe there in the next hour and a half. Not a hot bite but not at all bad, either.
Dennis J Scholl | Hellertown | Wednesday April 28th 12:33 pm
Superfisherman, I've always liked the taste of shad except for the very first one my mother prepared back in 1964 when hardly anyone knew these fish existed. She heard that if you baked it for like four hours in a pan with milk, that the milk would somehow soften the bones and make the fish edible. It was awful. Cardboard is better than that. So we began broiling the fish and sauteeing the roe and we just loved it. Bones? Of course, but you eventually learn where they are and can avoid most of them. This year I've been "de-boning" the backbone area that's left over after you cut off the two fillets. I have a very thin-bladed fillet knife and just take my time slowly slicing away what's left. It's surprising how much boneless meat is still attached the backbone an side bones. So far the roe this year has been excellent. Still tiny and golden yellow. Wrap sa strip of bacon around each roe sac and sautee for about 8 minutes, turning each sac once or twice. I've been freezing the fish I caught so far because my wife and son (and I) love smoked shad. It's always a hit at family dinners as an hors 'oeuvres. I better get out and catch some more; my year has been pretty sub-par. PS - Shad's Latin name is Alossa sapidissima, meaning "most excellent of fish."
Old school | Bethlehem | Wednesday April 28th 10:08 am
Finally a good day.started out at Stockton 5 to 7 not a bump then went down to Washingtons crossing and had good action from 8 to 930 on darts.a mix of mostly buck with a few big rowes mixed in.landed 11 out of 15 water low and clear.
SUPERFISHERMAN | WATER GAP | Wednesday April 28th 9:16 am
Hello Dennis- you are the first person I have ever encountered who admits to eating the fish- lots of people eat & enjoy the roe- BUT- THE FISH - is a different story- I think it is one of the most unique tasting fish that swims- I just bake & or broil it- I too have passed the 70 mark- 75 - and hope I can continue shad fishing for years to come
RPS | Greeley | Tuesday April 27th 8:25 pm
Fished Zane Grey from shore 4 to 7 tonight caught 3 shad and 1 walleye. Water was low and clear and 56 deg.
Dennis J Scholl | Hellertown | Tuesday April 27th 8:13 pm
Great story Superfisherman. Isn't it just amazing how the size of these fish has gone down, down, down from the "good old days?" I have another story (I have many) that is pretty amazing. My dad (the late John Scholl) and I went up to Milford many years ago late one afternoon in mid-May to fish the last few hours of the day. The river was low and we couldn't motor through a rapids that was below a little island we wanted to reach. So I got out and dragged the boat up along the shoreline while my dad walked. We got back into the boat ahead of the rapids and made it to our destination. I don't know that the island had a name; it was pretty small. Most of the river flowed around the Pennsy side of the island while a smaller portion of it came around the Jersey side. We anchored behind the island where the two streams converged. There was a shore fisherman down below us on the Jersey side and we gave him one heck of a show. The fish were in spawning mode and were very active late in the day. We each had two rods out with just a small dart, no split shot. We hammered them, or I should say they hammered us. It was just crazy. At one point we had four fish on at once and I remember just laughing and exchanging rods with each other to try to keep all the lines from getting tangled. I think we got three of them in. We had doubles and three fish at a time and it just didn't stop. I don't recall that there was much time when we didn't have two fish on. We didn't count because I think we would have lost count, but it was an evening on the river with my father that I will never forget. The back of the boat where we brought the fish in was a bloody, slimy, stinky mess. We went home with quite a few fish; these were the years before the six-fish limit, which is now three. We smoked a lot of shad and we also liked broiling them, so everything was consumed, including the roe. Those fish were big. Superfishermen said he was getting 6- to 8-pound fish and our's were in that category. Boggles my mind how nature has changed in four decades. I understand the Bi-State tournament that just ended was won by a 5.5-pound fish. Cheesh. I'd really like to know what's causing the fish to be smaller; I have my own theories. One other note: My dad was out by himself one day and boated a 26-inch, enormously egg-laden roe that weighed 9 pounds, four ounces. He got a Pennsylvania Angler Award for that fish and I have the picture in my office. I have never seen a shad that was so large, and I'm sure I never will again. Reminiscing about the good old days when the shad association was young and there was no technology to locate shad or get the darts down to them is good for the soul. I can't believe I'm going to be 70 years old this October, 47 years older than I was when the DRSFA started back in 1974. I hope I have several years left to enjoy this tremendous fishery.
SUPERFISHERMAN | water gap | Tuesday April 27th 4:25 pm
OK- I have been hearing shad stories- SO HERE IS MY BEST ONE- in the mid to late 1980's there is a stretch of water of the Delaware that goes between the 2 sections of the SHAWNEE GOLF COURSE- at that time it was an outrageously huge spawning ground for shad- from late FRIDAY AFTERNOON- SATURDAY ALL DAY- STOPPING FOR LUNCH- STAURDAY EVENING AND THEN SUNDAY MORNING- I have time-share at Shawnee- I WAS INTO OVER 500 FISH IN THAT PERIOD OF TIME- and- most fish were in the 5lb + range the roes were easily 6-8 llbs- not fish caught and released- but fished hooked- those days are over- the fish are gone from there and I am too old to last that long.
Dennis J Scholl | Hellertown | Tuesday April 27th 8:16 am
Joseph, it's a great feeling I hope to have again this year. Right now, I'll be happy just getting a couple an hour. I'll be at Riegelsville again today in the blue boat with the Nittany Lion logos. And the frustrating leak that refuses to go away.
Joseph C. | Phoenixville | Tuesday April 27th 7:32 am
Hey Dennis, I must have been out the same day you were out there getting a sore arm. It was a 3 or 4 years ago and a crummy rainy day after a rainy night. The Lehigh was like chocolate milk but the Delaware water was running green. The line where they met was plain to see and the fish were stacked right along it. I'd cast straight out from about the boat ramp and the second the dart crossed into the clearer water I had a fish. I cut back to a single dart to keep things simpler. I left with fish still hammering my darts - just worn out.
Dennis J Scholl | Hellertown | Monday April 26th 7:32 pm
To Chiggy: I haven't really been checking this log since I wrote about your 35 fish in 3 hours. It's not that I didn't believe you but that's a helluva lot of fish in that amount of time. I had fishing like that once in my life, sometime back in the 80s when the river was pretty high. I launched at Scott Park in Easton and went down below the railroad bridge. I anchored right behind a piece of the shoreline that jutted into the river; with the high water, this little spit of land formed a nice eddy right behind it. I threw out mu lines on the edge of the current and the slack water and caught shad from the time I anchored until I got tired of it. I still have my fishing diary: 42 fish on in a little over three hours and 35 netted. So, yes, I do know it can happen. It got to the point where as soon as the lure sank, I had a fish on. Many doubles; it was just crazy. The fish were coming up through a pretty heavy rapids below me and obviously were taking a breather in that eddy. What luck that I happened to be there. I have had some other crazy times at Portland and up at Milford, but nothing like that rainy day below the confluence of the Lehigh River. Now that I'm retired, I hope to get some of the smarts back that I used to have. So far this season, I'm still pretty dumb. But my son has caught fish the two times he's been able to get out with me, and that more than makes my day. I'll try again tomorrow. I caught fish at Riegelsville last year every time I went out until I quit on May 24. I'm not into the long trips anymore when I can sit on the river just 20 minutes from my home. I miss Milford, Dingman's, Tocks Island, and especially Lackawaxen, but I just don't have the ambition to make those long trips. Hope you and everyone else here have good fishing.
Dennis J Scholl | Hellertown | Monday April 26th 7:09 pm
Was the only boat fishing at Riegelsville today, at least until we left at 1:30. One fish in 3.75 hrs. River is low and very clear; nothing fouling up the lines. Water temp. 52 at noon; air temp. 48 at same time. Quite chilly. I expect things to pick up later this week with the warmer weather.
Ralph Ashwood | Burlington N.J. | Sunday April 25th 4:54 pm
Delaware River
RPS | Greeley | Saturday April 24th 6:37 am
The usgs gauges at Berryvile and just above Zane Grey are reading 46 deg. this morning.
Phil M. | Sandyston | Friday April 23rd 10:33 am
Johnny K. Sounds like it's worth a try. Thanks.
JohnnyK | Bucks | Friday April 23rd 6:46 am
Guys with the slime issues, have you tried splicing your line a few feet above where your lure is and leaving the tag ends longish (on something like a double surgeons knot)? That could stop the slime from going down your line. Just a thought.
Joseph C. | Phoenixville | Thursday April 22nd 3:34 pm
NOAA monitoring has the river temps : 53F this morning and up to 54 now. I'm very surprised at how warm it's stayed. It feels brutal out there
| | Thursday April 22nd 12:11 pm
CS tournament getting off to a slow start with the cold snap but some early first day totals: Joseph C....51 shad this am, double dart rig W.G...........44 shad, Various spoons Dennis...... 1 shad lost, Blue and white Penn State dart with twister tail molded from Flex Shield CS............. 3 chub, bottom rig with kernel corn Get out there and catch em up this WE, tight lines and dont forget to exaggerate your catches........
RPS | Greeley | Thursday April 22nd 11:43 am
The usgs gauge at Berryville said the water temp. went from 53 yesterday to 46 this mourning. The water is so low these temp. swings are really effecting it.
Phil M. | Sandyston | Thursday April 22nd 11:16 am
Thanks for the info, RPS & Rob. I agree, mother nature needs to flush the toilet with a good rain. Sometimes it even changes the color of the line on your spool. Too many nutrients in the water, I suppose. If you can get into a position where you can cast almost directly downstream, you can minimize the amount of scum that slides down the line and into the knot. Very frustrating.
RPS | Greeley | Thursday April 22nd 7:27 am
Yes Phil its still there but it is getting a little lighter sometimes you you can get two casts without cleaning off. We need a heavy rain to flush it on down the river. Had snow and 27 deg. this morning don't think they will be hitting today up where.
Joseph C. | Phoenixville | Thursday April 22nd 7:06 am
Time to hunker down, tie more rigs and think warm thoughts. At least the rivers didn't flood out, too.
Robert Wright | Montague | Thursday April 22nd 6:41 am
Phil, Fished north of dingmans on Tues. Water remp 52.5, wind, and plenty of algae. Caught 4, all before "river snot" screwed up spoons. 3pm to 630
Phil M. | Sandyston | Thursday April 22nd 1:56 am
RPS: Are you guys still having the algae problem up there? My brother fished up there early last week and had the same problem. I'm nursing a sore shoulder (fisherman's shoulder) but will be ready to go soon. Shad don't want to hit if there's even a single strand of debris on the knot.
SUPERFISHERMAN | WATER GAP | Wednesday April 21st 10:00 am
Tuesday: April 20- Fished from 1:00pm-5pm- caught 1 nice buck- other man next to me had 5 in close to the same amount of time.
| | Wednesday April 21st 8:40 am
Hey everyone don’t forget the CS tournament starts tomorrow. Prizes for largest daily numbers of fish caught include cans of kernel corn and the grand prize includes a day of fishing with CS himself. Exaggerating numbers not required but highly encouraged.......
Joseph C. | Phoenixville | Wednesday April 21st 7:20 am
I got to the train bridge at Trenton yesterday afternoon. It's 11 minutes from my office and I had to set an alarm to get myself back in 35 minutes. Not a bump until I hooked into a nice fish just as the alarm went off. Naturally. Double dart rig. I didn't see the 3 boats with their 6 or 8 rods do any better than I did. A guy I spoke with, one of the regulars old timers asked me (?) if I thought the run was over yet. I said "Hell no!"
Komar | Vernon | Tuesday April 20th 4:56 pm
Fished Bushkill on Mon. and Tues. Hooked 12 and landed 6. Note to self, change your leaders every year dummy. Water temp hit 50 at 1:30 on Tues.
Charles mcquaid | Above Smithfield beach. | Tuesday April 20th 4:27 pm
Above Smithfield beach today. Fished for an hour and a half. 0 fish, no bumps. Tried everything, darts , spoons, changed colors, zilch.
| | Tuesday April 20th 1:50 pm
You can have Dennis on your team, he has some kernel corn colored darts you can use.......
Carl spatz | | Tuesday April 20th 12:52 pm
Come on Joseph C. You know it's me. I say we just have two teams. You could be a captain on one team and W.G. on the other. Who are you selecting. I hope I'm not the last person picked.
Joseph C. | Phoenixville | Tuesday April 20th 7:42 am
Hey, I think someone is trolling CS. That didn't measure up to his usual orneriness. I threw darts for half an hour at the Fireman's Eddy yesterday morning. Not a bump. I suspect that the fish just hate chilly mornings. A buddy I met there said that he'd done very well from a boat on Sunday afternoon catching shad, striper, and smallies. He thinks that the river is just full of fish right now.