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Jim SMITH | Pulaski NY | Friday September 20th 4:17 pm
Lake Ontario
Duke | Bethlehem | Sunday July 7th 3:05 pm
Last hurrah today.fished spawning rapids by Smithfield beach with fly rod landed 7 .saw several schools of spawners .hopefully we will have a better year next year .i am worried about two years in a row where the river was unfishable most of the is also very bad for successful spawning.hopefully not the new norm.
RPS | Greeley | Thursday June 20th 4:14 pm
Saw first dead shad at Zane Grey today.Landed 131 shad from shore at the launch at Zane Grey this season.Hope the weather is more cooperative next year.
| | Wednesday June 12th 8:04 pm
Thanks again Duke. I may give it a shot again this weekend at Dingmans.
Duke | Bethlehem | Tuesday June 11th 7:02 am
Marc if u r fishing from a boat use split shot about 18 inches above the micro dart and jig one rod dead stick another.u must put it right in front of them as they r much harder to get to hit helps if u can see the fish .also really small spoons will also work.good luck u have a few weeks left.i fish until the 4th if the river is low and looking back at my log have caught them as late as July 18th.
Marce | | Sunday June 9th 9:58 pm
Duke when you fish the micro darts do you cast them upstream and bounce them as they drift downstream? Do you just let them deadstick behind the boat? What kind of weights to use? The fish I saw yesterday were very close to the do you get tiny darts into their strike zone? Thanks!
Duke | Bethlehem | Sunday June 9th 3:49 pm
What a change since last time out Water was still a tad high for my favorite hole near easton so I headed north again.went to rapids I like in the worthington tract and drifted darts for a while with no results.then I saw some spawning activity and switched gears.i got out my ultra light and some tiny darts and set up on top of the rapids and had immediate action.caught 9 out of 13 .saw a lot of fish spawning as well as a lot of dead ones.good day overall but the water has warmed up and the fish r in full spawn mode must change tactics to get them.
| | Sunday June 9th 1:03 am
Phil and Terry thanks for the info! Had an amazing day on the water. I launched at Dingmans and hraded down river about 300 yards upstream from the campround launch. Water was clear. I anchored in about 7 feet of water close to the nj side. So the bad part is that we did not land a shad but we did have two knockdowns. Here is the good part....we literally saw over 100 shad making their way upstream from about 4pm to 8.30. Fresh fish...vibrant color...heading upstream and hugging the botyon foot or so of the channel. The run is nowhere near over in that area. I was very suprised we did not catch given the volume of fish. I wonder if they stop biting when spawning? We switched over to smallies earlier in the day and I caught my second best ever...will post a pic. If I lived closer Id focus on dingmans now. Hope this info helps. Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction!
Phil M. | Sandyston | Saturday June 8th 2:35 pm
Hope it's not too late, but you can also launch from Milford or Port Jervis. The farther north, the better.
| | Friday June 7th 9:51 am
Thanks Phil! How about putting in at dingmans ferry? Is that far enough north? Thanks!
Phil M. | Sandyston | Thursday June 6th 4:07 pm
Marc: Bring along some other lures for bass, walleye and panfish so you can switch-off if there is no shad action. Personally, I would launch at least 20 or 25 miles upstream at this time, providing you know a launch area up there. See if you can find where the main hard current empties into a large eddy, because you will probably be fishing low water conditions and the shad will congregate where the current meets the drop-off and will be right at the head of the pool, to go upstream as a group. Good luck.
| | Tuesday June 4th 7:32 pm
Terry, can't thank you enough. Planning to give it a go on Sat. If you see a dad and son in a 14ft alum craft with a 9.9 merc it's us! Ill post a report on Sun. Thanks again. Marc
Terry R | Pa | Monday June 3rd 10:08 pm
Marc, that area is in the lower end of there spawning area, you might have to move around a couple of times with out the help of a fish finder, but the area has a pretty consistent depth and bottom, about 7ft, it would be a good place to start.
| | Monday June 3rd 9:27 pm
Thanks Terry R! Can this be fished without a depth finder and if so what should I be looking for in terms of where best to anchor? Many thanks again.
Terry R | Pa | Monday June 3rd 7:16 pm
Marc, your best bet might be north of the Water Gap. I would try Worthington State park, just up river from the boat ramp, the camping is also good, good luck.
MARC E. | NJ | Monday June 3rd 9:42 am
Fished Lambertville yesterday afternoon. Water is high and pretty stained. No hits. Does anyone know if there are even fish down that far? Im trying to get my 11 yr old son into a shad before its all over for the season. I dont mind traveling a bit to get on the fish...what is my best bet for a launch location? Sorry to beg for info but Im new at the game and Id really like to get my son into fish. Thanks!
Joseph C. | Phoenixville, PA | Wednesday May 29th 8:00 am
Friday, May 24th was my last shad outing for the year. I got to Easton about 1 PM and threw darts for an hour and flutter spoons for maybe another hour without a bump. I was about to call it done when Steve arrived and told me he'd caught 7 fish there that morning. We both threw flutters for another half hour for nothing and then -boom - caught a dozen or 15 fish, mostly very energetic roes, between us in the next hour. Go figure. Have a great summer, everyone, and I will be back on the board next spring.
RPS | Greeley | Monday May 27th 8:26 pm
Fished 4:30-7 pm
RPS | Greeley | Monday May 27th 8:22 pm
Zane Grey launch from shore hooked and landed 3 water temp. 68 deg.
Moyer | Zane Grey | Monday May 27th 5:41 pm
Fished Zane Grey on Sun from 1pm until the storms rolled in. Hooked 4, none landed. Lots of activity. Saw another fisherman hook and land one. Fun afternoon on the water.
Duke | Bethlehem | Sunday May 26th 3:29 pm
Finally got out and things started out bad .went to easton still too high to fish where I like to go.then went up to belvadere pequest was chocolate milk then was going to fish king Cole to high there so I went up to Worthington tract.water was high but clear and I crushed them.lots of big roes as well as some buck fish were strong and not spawning yet.should be good for at least a few more weeks if temps don't soar.
RPS | Greeley | Saturday May 25th 8:01 pm
Fished Zane Grey launch from shore tonight 5 - 7 hooked 7 landed 5 & 1 striper about 13". Water temp. 61 deg.
Moyer | Narrowsburg | Saturday May 25th 6:50 pm
Fished Narrowsburg from 12-3pm today. Not even a bump. Wonder if they are this far north yet?
Tom | Warwick | Friday May 24th 9:59 pm
Landed 17 today at Smithfield today
Shad Harris | Gap area | Friday May 24th 9:50 pm
I haven’t gone in a few weeks. Decided to give it one last shot in the gap area . Two casts landed two shad thinking wow finally the action I never saw all season! Nope. 90 minutes landed 6 total had 6 other bumps decided to end the season with a decent roe at 5:30pm and then went and caught about 30 trout. Good evening great weather for once.
| | Friday May 24th 4:44 pm
Anyone catching any or are water temps to high?? Easton area or north??
Duke | Bethlehem | Friday May 24th 11:34 am
Definitely better above the lehigh.i normally go up to narrowsburg for this weekend.if it is muddy I will go trout fishing instead.hopefully will clear up and drop by next week.there is still time left I fish until,the 4th of July.
Nick | Bucks County | Friday May 24th 9:40 am
So conditions not great for this weekend Duke I.e. sill muddy? Wondering if it’s worth the drive way upstream for me
Duke | Bethlehem | Friday May 24th 9:17 am
I don't think it is necessarily a lesser run its just that the conditions have been horrible.i fish from shore and haven't been out since the contest because the river has been unfishable at the spots I fish.i am hoping to get out Mon Tue or Wed if it drops and clears can't be good for spawning if this becomes the new norm we will be in trouble in a few years.
| | Friday May 24th 8:09 am
I am planning to try the confluence at Easton this afternoon. The water levels look good and I hope for a little shad action. Sean, you can't find much easier access to fishing for shad than you will find at Scott Park. You have 2 rivers to choose from! There are good spots just on the other side of the Lehigh below the dam, too. If you wade, just be careful.
Nick | Bucks County | Thursday May 23rd 7:30 pm
Judging by the lack of enthusiasm and catch reports lately, this seems to be one of the lesser shed runs in recent years
Sean | Easton | Thursday May 23rd 12:22 pm
I'm new to the Easton area, where is the best spots to fish the Delaware from the shore?
Terry | North of the Gap | Thursday May 23rd 10:28 am
Fished from 4 to 7 boated 3 lost 2 water temp 63 water clear fish were there just not real active
Tom Tursack | Coventryvulle | Thursday May 23rd 9:57 am
Can anyone provide river conditions at Easton? I see that predictions are for it to be rising slightly after today, but how is water clarity? Trying to decide if river will be fishable tomorrow.
RPS | Greeley | Wednesday May 22nd 8:14 pm
Fished Zane Grey launch from shore tonight 4:30 - 7 hooked 9 landed 6 water temp. 61 deg. water clear.and dropping.
whitetail | shohola | Wednesday May 22nd 8:03 pm
guess they're still around landed nine, numerous bumps and escapes all in a bit more than an hour and a half best day in couple weeks.
RPS | Greeley | Tuesday May 21st 9:09 pm
Fished Zane Grey launch from shore tonight 4 - 7 hooked 11 landed 7 Delaware muddy Lackawaxen clearer the shad were holding right on the mud line. Water temp. 62 deg.
James L | Shohola, PA | Tuesday May 21st 1:11 pm
Fished Milford this morning, thankfully not for shad today, as the river was much muddier than I expected. Looks like the storms in the West Branch yesterday stirred up the mud.
Mike B | Narrowsburg | Tuesday May 21st 9:37 am
Sorry— should have read threw darts and spoons, not three darts and spoons
Mike B. | Narrowsburg | Tuesday May 21st 9:28 am
Fished Narrowsburg from 7 to 9 this morning. Temp 60 degrees. River a bit high but very fishable. The problem was the water clarity. Very muddy with less than one foot of visibility. Three darts and spoons- not a single bump.
Vinny | | Monday May 20th 12:55 pm
Thanks George!!
George | | Monday May 20th 10:39 am
VINNY Reports from Narrowsburg quite good. Recent thunderstorms might raise and muddy water a bit. Check "Links" and click on PA river information to see if river is rising or falling and water temps.
Vinny | Western NY | Monday May 20th 9:19 am
Has anyone fished the Narrowsburg NY area recently? I am a 4 hour drive away so I can't check action for myself. Was thinking of going for shad this week. Also, can anyone recommend a place to buy quality shad darts in Narrowsurg? Thanks in advance for information!
Kut G. Miller | Northampton, PA | Monday May 20th 1:11 am
Slow day at Smithfield today. Beautiful day, very few boaters, and the water was dropping nicely, good temperature. Ended up with a respectful day, but slow....In past years, it would be lights out at this time of year. Hopefully, the rain won't put too much of a damper on the action. I'm trying to be optimistic........
Riverwolf | coopersburg | Sunday May 19th 11:50 pm comes that dreaded four letter out today at Smithfield and caught 15......slow pick but what made the day is my son caught 2 on a centerpin......I think we have a few weeks left......water was 59 at 2pm.....still catching in lower river.......anywhere you go you will find fish.......
RPS | Greeley | Sunday May 19th 8:38 pm
Fished Zane Grey launch from shore 7 - 8 am 1 hit lost it. Went back 4 - 7 pm hooked 4 landed 2 water temp. 62 deg.
Rusty balls | | Sunday May 19th 6:46 pm
Fished Easton today with my buddy Steve In his boat caught 26 in about 4-5 hrs
James L | Shohola | Sunday May 19th 11:16 am
Fished Sparrowbush this morning 7-9, 3 shad. I'm wondering if there is a Blue Heron rookery on the cliff, as I saw a two herons lay down into the top of different pine trees, but I couldn't make out nests with the naked eye.
JT | Bethlehem | Saturday May 18th 10:47 pm
Still worth shad fishing this week??
RPS | Greeley | Saturday May 18th 8:45 pm
Fished Zane Grey launch 4:30 - 6:30 tonight landed 3 getting bumps that weren't hooking up water temp.58.