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Kut G. Miller | Northampton, PA | Monday May 20th 1:11 am
Slow day at Smithfield today. Beautiful day, very few boaters, and the water was dropping nicely, good temperature. Ended up with a respectful day, but slow....In past years, it would be lights out at this time of year. Hopefully, the rain won't put too much of a damper on the action. I'm trying to be optimistic........
Riverwolf | coopersburg | Sunday May 19th 11:50 pm comes that dreaded four letter out today at Smithfield and caught 15......slow pick but what made the day is my son caught 2 on a centerpin......I think we have a few weeks left......water was 59 at 2pm.....still catching in lower river.......anywhere you go you will find fish.......
RPS | Greeley | Sunday May 19th 8:38 pm
Fished Zane Grey launch from shore 7 - 8 am 1 hit lost it. Went back 4 - 7 pm hooked 4 landed 2 water temp. 62 deg.
Rusty balls | | Sunday May 19th 6:46 pm
Fished Easton today with my buddy Steve In his boat caught 26 in about 4-5 hrs
James L | Shohola | Sunday May 19th 11:16 am
Fished Sparrowbush this morning 7-9, 3 shad. I'm wondering if there is a Blue Heron rookery on the cliff, as I saw a two herons lay down into the top of different pine trees, but I couldn't make out nests with the naked eye.
JT | Bethlehem | Saturday May 18th 10:47 pm
Still worth shad fishing this week??
RPS | Greeley | Saturday May 18th 8:45 pm
Fished Zane Grey launch 4:30 - 6:30 tonight landed 3 getting bumps that weren't hooking up water temp.58.
eric from trenton | trenton | Saturday May 18th 4:35 pm
live in trenton shad and hering have been on the decline for years so the dams and latters are not the problem i dont fish for shad anymore cause they just are not there no dams before trenton keep fishing hope you get the monster Eric from trenton
Tom | pottstown | Saturday May 18th 11:11 am
Any idea if the river will be fishable at Easton by Monday? What shape will the ramp at Phillipsburg be in? Guess my $35 parking permit was not a very good investment this year.
James L | Shohola | Friday May 17th 9:18 pm
Fished ZG from 4-5:20, 8 anglers, I saw one shad and one smallmouth caught. I know sometimes it turns on there as the sun goes down, but I figured I'd move down to Port Jervis. I managed 3 shad in around 2 hours. 3 other people fishing for them and I only saw one other hooked.
| | Friday May 17th 5:10 pm
If you took the dams in Easton n Glendon out you would have a pickerel,bass,crappie,shad,herring, trout striper, eel and musky fishery plus eliminate or greatly reduce invasive species and flood risk to Easton at almost no cost to Easton either. Reconnecting the Delaware and Lehigh would improve fishing in both rivers!
| | Friday May 17th 4:24 pm
There are plenty of lakes full of them plus they do better in lakes.
| | Friday May 17th 10:32 am
If you took out the dams at Easton and Glendon you would destroy an excellent bass,pickerel and crappie fishery
Rusty Balls | | Friday May 17th 7:51 am
Done shad fishing for the season..had to cancel 2 trips for Saturday..heading to the big pond in the north...lake o
RPS | Greeley | Thursday May 16th 7:46 pm
Fished Zane Grey from shore tonight 4 - 6 landed 2 they were the only 2 bites I had water temp. 55 deg. water was high and clean felt cold standing there in the waders.
Richard Fasanello | | Thursday May 16th 5:48 pm
A ton of money is being, and has been spent restoring the heritage of the canal. The historical significance of the shad run predates that of the canal by thousands, maybe millions of years. The building of the canal (Easton dam) ruined the Lehigh shad run. Shouldn't a class action lawsuit against the canal owners be started to force them to correct the damage caused by the building of the canal and to restore the shad run in the Lehigh? Any lawyers out there to get it started?
WG | | Thursday May 16th 4:28 pm
If anyone wants to see a ladder that works, the ladders on the Columbia River at Bonneville dam pass 3-6 MILLION shad each year, and they have shad deterrents places around the ladders so salmon can actually find the ladders!! But arrogance and ignorance prevailed when the Easton ladders were built, and they refused to look at the west coast ladders “because they are designed to pass salmon”... idiocy...doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is THE definition of insanity, yet EVERY ladder installed on EVERY river on the east coast is a dismal failure because no one will change the failed design of the east coast shad ladders.
WG | | Thursday May 16th 4:23 pm
The shad ladders at Easton are a joke and we’re from the very beginning! I’ve said it before they were installed that they were a waste of 3+ million dollars because they were made using the design that DOES NOT pass shad!! Who cares if “several dozen” shad make it past the first dam? Sorry to be negative, but the fish Commision doesn’t even report numbers anymore (because the number passed are pathetic) and now no one is even counting. Until that dam is blown up, shad won’t pass it, it’s that simple.... the bright side is that the dam creates a perfect “trap” for shad, which stay there and are caught easily due to the number congregating there!
Dennis Scholl | Hellertown | Wednesday May 15th 7:33 pm
KZ, the river in Easton is very high and very off-color. I work next to the Lehigh River about two miles west of Easton. The Lehigh is as high as I've seen it all year and is not going down much at all. Sorry for the report but that's the way it is.
RPS | Greeley | Wednesday May 15th 6:55 pm
Fished Zane Grey launch from shore tonight 4 - 6:30 landed one no other hits water was very high and dirty water temp. 52 deg.
KZ | SE PA | Wednesday May 15th 11:28 am
I will be passing through Easton for business Thursday evening. Can anyone comment on the river conditions considering all the rain the past few days? Do you think it will be fishable?
TeamToothy | | Wednesday May 15th 10:47 am
Thanks for the info Dennis. That’s really great news that they still use the ladder. I would’ve bet the house on zero Shad coming in there.
Dennis Scholl | Hellertown | Wednesday May 15th 6:53 am
There have been shad coming up the ladder since it was installed, just not as many now as the first several years after it opened. I'm certainly not a proponent of dams, but the last post says there will be millions more put into it? For what purpose? And TeamToothy, there really are spawners below the Glendon Dam every year. No one pays attention to the Lehigh. No more $$ to sit in the viewing room, no more juvenile samplings, no more data, no more nothing. It's a shame.
| | Tuesday May 14th 10:44 pm
The recent success of the fish ladder in easton is likely from the high delaware river levels making it easier for the shad to get to the ladder entrance. the lack of channel orientation of the ladder during low water makes it harder for the shad to find. As far as debris in the ladder that is probably minimal since there is a trash rack a the top of the ladder , the water flowing in is from the top of the water column which has less silt and the speed of the water flowing thru the ladder should'nt let much silt settle in the ladder either. Having said that it wouldn't be hard to check the ladders for debris by closing of the water off for a while. Realistically the easton dam should be removed since in contibutes to the flooding of easton almost exclusively and the damage to the canal itself down by the sewer plant. I dont think the guys who built the canal meant for it to last this long anyway and we are about to put millions more into it? If you cant take care of it in the first place why put millions into it again? Good money after bad. The health river should be the center piece for easton NOT the dams!!
TeamToothy | | Tuesday May 14th 10:28 pm
That’s amazing if they really are running to the chain dam but it makes me wonder why it’s not reported in terms of surveys or catches. Seems a little odd that the DCNR would advertise it since it would demonstrate success of the Easton ladder. The PA game commission hasn’t given many reasons to have faith or trust in them in a long time so that makes me very skeptical.
Dennis Scholl | Hellertown | Tuesday May 14th 12:32 pm
Regarding the comments about the fish ladders on the Lehigh, I live on the same block as the PFC biologist who monitored shad through last year. This year he has taken on a larger responsibility with the PFC. Anyway, he knows I work at Hugh Moore Park in Easton and - last year - he asked me if I had been down to the Lehigh to fish for shad. I sort of laughed, but then he told me that there were hundreds of shad spawning below the Glendon Dam. So, yes, there are shad that get into the river. The problem with the fishways is that they NEVER get maintained, so they are not in prime shape to attract shad since the chambers contain silt and debris that slows down the water flow, and as you know, shad need a good current to attract them. I've been telling this to the DRSFA for years but thus far nothing has happened. The ladders worked just fine initially and they're still working, although not at the capacity they could because they simply are not properly maintained.
RUSTY BALLS | | Tuesday May 14th 6:03 am
TeamToothy | | Monday May 13th 10:12 pm
I highly doubt any Shad are coming into the Lehigh river nowadays. The only way that’s ever happening is if the dams get removed. I haven’t heard of one being counted in several years.
Komar | Vernon | Monday May 13th 5:28 pm
Any reports on river conditions? We've had close to three inches of rain in the last couple of days. I noticed the gauge at Montague spiked up from about 7 feet to over 10 feet That can't be good.
Rich | | Monday May 13th 3:25 pm
Is there a shad count tabulation for the various ladders in the Lehigh river for all the years since they have been in place? I would expect such to be on the Shad Restoration page but do not see it anywhere.
James L | Shohola, PA | Monday May 13th 12:37 pm
Fished Sparrowbush and Port Jervis from 7:30 - 3 on Saturday. I managed 10 shad during that time. The takes were extremely subtle, not even what I would call bumps, more just a bit of pressure on the line. Hopefully the end of this week will give us some nice stable weather up north.
Joseph C. | Phoenixville, PA | Monday May 13th 8:23 am
Also, on Saturday, as I was struggling to get a hit I watched Shad Pappy, who was anchored right in front of me in the Lehigh current as he caught one fish after another.
Joseph C. | Phoenixville, PA | Monday May 13th 8:18 am
Sorry for the late report:......I got to Easton at noon last Friday and was out of the water at 2:59 and on my way to a concert in Bethlehem (in which my GF was singing) I found the groove while I was there, landing between 30 and 40 fish on double dart rigs. It was as good as I've ever experienced. Toward the end of the time it was just me and another guy fishing below the falls. He couldn't buy a hit and every fish I hooked he stepped a little closer. As I finished he was just about within an arm's reach. I got back for exactly 2 hours of fishing on Saturday afternoon and the bite was MUCH slower. I only landed 6 or 8 but hooked at least a dozen. I don't know what was going on, but I must have lost 10 darts in that 2 hours. Friday afternoon I had on the same dart rig when I left as when I started. Oh, and the guy from the day before was there and said that he finally got the hang of it and the fishing turned on for him from 4 to 6 PM. I was very happy for him. I hate it when I make people sad by catching too many more fish.
Nate | Dingmans | Sunday May 12th 3:46 pm
This morning 6-9 am went 2 for 2 near Dingmans. Was raining hard but water is still clear for now
ShadHarris | N of Gap | Sunday May 12th 12:13 pm
Split trip Saturday afternoon in weather so nice - I forgot what it felt like. (Short lived though). Wanted to spend a few hours seeing if I could find that red-hot blistering shad bite that has eluded me all season, but that wasn't to be. Scratched out 7 including one big roe but the rest were very small roe barely 3lbs if that. Kept a bleeder for fresh catfish bait. Proceeded to catch a dozen up to 13#. No back to our regularly scheduled weather pattern!!!!
RPS | Greeley | Sunday May 12th 11:40 am
Fished Zane Grey launch last night 5/11 3:30 - 7:00 hooked 8 landed 4 myself hooked 3 more I let some first timers fight I think their hook now. Water temp. 58 deg. water was very clear.
| | Saturday May 11th 8:22 pm
Landed 22 shad today at Yardley. Water temperature 58 in am. Pm temp 60.4. Also landed 2 striped bass on flutter spoons too.
Kurt G. Miller | Northampton, PA | Saturday May 11th 7:54 pm
Gotta report my bad days too. Fished for a few hours Saturday evening, and landed 0. Hooked two, lost them both. Beautiful evening, water level getting real good, good company, temperature right, and all, just no fish for us. Some days you get the bear............
Aron | Easton | Saturday May 11th 7:45 am
Anyone know if the shad are still at Easton?
Lawrence | Sparrowbush | Saturday May 11th 5:24 am
Rookie move and forgot my shad darts at home but I improvised and put an orange grub tail on a green jug head and got it done anyway! Sparrowbush from 7-8pm last night hooked 2 landed one
Artiew | Greentown | Friday May 10th 10:11 am
Nice to meet you, yesterday, RPS. Thanks for the Shad advice, and hope to see you on the water. Artie
RPS | Greeley | Thursday May 9th 7:23 pm
Fished Zane Grey launch from shore 4:30 - 6:30 tonight hooked 4 landed 2 water temp. 56 deg.
Ralph | Zane Grey | Thursday May 9th 2:31 pm
Yes you were the one catching all the fish that would be great! Looking to float the river soon if you would like to go give a call 845-309-2481
RPS | Greeley | Thursday May 9th 10:26 am
Ralph I was the one with the white shirt with the hood I try to get there every night between 4 - 7 pm be happy to talk with you. Look for the black dodge 4 door truck pa plates in the parking lot.m
Komar | Vernon | Thursday May 9th 8:41 am
the river at Dingmans is high, pretty clear, and clean. VERY FISHABLE. stay near the shore
Ralph | Zane gray | Wednesday May 8th 10:18 pm
Was at Zane Gray today from noon till 7 pm Lot of people around seen a few fish landed Me personally only landed 1 fishing from my drift boat Would sure like to meet you Greeley maybe you could show me a thing or too
RPS | Greeley | Wednesday May 8th 9:51 pm
The river is still high but coming down pretty fast water is clear for now but more rain coming Friday and Sunday if they run the plant at wallenpaupack the river can go up a foot at Zane Grey.
Dennis Scholl | Hellertown | Wednesday May 8th 9:08 pm
So, you guys who are fishing upriver, what's the water like? High, muddy, coming down? What's the story? Rained like crazy here in the Lehigh Valley last night and pushed the Lehigh up a foot or so. River conditions in the greater LV not good.
RPS | Greeley | Wednesday May 8th 8:59 pm
Fished Zane Grey 4 - 7:30 tonight hooked 13 landed 11 water temp. 58 deg.
Komar | Vernon | Wednesday May 8th 7:20 pm
Fished the Bushkill area today with 2 friends and picked up about 20 before the sun came out and they shut down