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Duke E Smith | Bethlehem | Wednesday June 15th 9:08 am
Last Worthington track mainly to check on fish numbers in spawning rapids.caught my last 2 shad still fresh and strong on small dart early.then put gear away and observed for 2 hours.did not see many fish spawning a few dead ones on beach.normally there would be thousands of fish stacked up here now but I saw maybe 50 in 2 hours of watching.numbers are definitely way down .i have been at this for 50 years and talk to a lot of people from game wardens to park rangers to fishing guides to old river rats like me and they all agree.hopefully things will improve and they will allow more liberal limits on the stripers and other predators.
Duke E Smith | Bethlehem | Thursday June 9th 7:19 am
Fished narrowsburg yesterday.caught 11 on fly rod including 2 on a sulfur dry fly during evening hatch fishing for trout.this puzzles me as I have caught them before up here like this and they were purposefully hitting the flies on top and r stuffed full of them.spawning just starting up here lots of fresh fish plenty of smart trout as well.will probably go up further next week if river doesn't get blown out.
Charles Mc | Around Eshback. | Thursday June 2nd 7:12 pm
Only 2 today. I’m done for this year. 238 caught and released. Good season. All caught while wade fishing. See you on here next year.
| | Thursday June 2nd 7:04 am
Fished lordville Tue and wed and crushed was best early morning and evening.Small spoons worked well color unimportant lots of fresh fish up here not spawning yet.water temp is 49.
| | Tuesday May 31st 4:05 pm
Water temps of 70 and up overstress shad and cause a high mortality. Those aware of this usually don't fish in those conditions.
Duke E Smith | Bethlehem | Tuesday May 31st 11:02 am
Fished Milford today and whooped em.stopped counting after 50 on spinning rod caught 17 on fly rod .pretty much every cast from 530 til 930 then it slowed down to a trickle.also got a nice striper on dart.all on red and white small dart no weight and flashy orange r spawning now lots of dead ones as well.might get another week in water is warming up.need to go above narrowsburg for best fishing cooler water soon.
Charles Mc | Around Eshback. | Sunday May 29th 6:09 pm
30 caught and released today. Saw lots of Shad moving upriver while I was fishing. 236 caught and released so far. 3 or 4 more outings and I’m done. Think I can hit the 300 mark.
Robert Wright | Montague | Saturday May 28th 8:53 pm
Fished north of dingmans from 4 to 7pm . Boated four shad lost 2. Two walleyes and several bass ended my shad fishing season. Water temp 65, murky, and many shad dying on surface. Total # of shad boated 283. See you next year.
| | Thursday May 26th 7:19 pm
Fished dingmans from shore caught 15 on small don't have much fight left and are starting to spawn now.i will leave them alone now very slow season definitely way down in size and numbers this year.I normally would have over 300 have been fishing since march and only have 52 including today's total.The fish I caught today we're in a spawning rapids where in good years there r thousands stacked up by now.other similar spots such as smithfield beach and bushkill have similar lower numbers.hopefully this is not a trend between all the predadation on the babies and the huge kill and release bycatch by netters after other fish .hopefully next year will be better!
Charles Mc. | Above Bushkill today. | Thursday May 26th 6:24 pm
28 caught and released. They are still moving upriver. Not done just yet.
Duke E Smith | Bethlehem | Wednesday May 25th 10:30 am
Fished easton from shore 5am to 10.caught 9 fresh fish mostly rows on small darts no r up in the water now not hugging the bottom.should be good for a few more weeks then must head spawning activity yet.
| | Wednesday May 25th 1:16 am
Caught 5 in fast water around Eshbach this evening from shore on different colors. Nothing of size and not the feistiest. Probably just let it go until next year.
| | Tuesday May 24th 9:07 pm
Fished easton from shore caught 3 . Fished from 5 to 8 pm.not a banner day but there r still a few around.all on small orange and black darts .Also saw a few floaters.
Robert Wright | Montague | Monday May 23rd 10:40 pm
Fished north of dingmans from 2pm to 7pm. Caught 21 lost over ten. Water temp 70, water not clear, river snot gone by evening. Had to kill one buck. Also caught 3 bass and 2 walleyes. One 22 inches long.
Charles Mc | Around Eshback | Monday May 23rd 6:00 pm
Another fine late season day. Caught and released 27.
Robert Wright | Montague | Sunday May 22nd 4:18 pm
Took wife on a boat ride north of dingmans from 1pm to 2pm. Just joking around, caught 4. Water temp 67, stained and up. Going out tomorrow afternoon Shad Harris. I feel your pain. Blame Putin
| | Sunday May 22nd 2:49 pm
Shad Harris,I hear u and feel for u.i won't fish weekends anymore for same reason.fished kittatiny beach in the gap on a Sunday was like fishing in one spoke English diapers and modelo bottles everywhere no respect.
ShadHarris | Eshback | Saturday May 21st 8:25 pm
first year probably in 40 years I did not launch boat at Eshback all season the water level been running high to launch there. So today I did. What a sh#t show that launch has turned into. All washed out, and the rocky launch was covered with non-english speaking people such that I could not even drive on it. I backed boat straight in down the narrow path but then all the parking for trailer was taken up by HIKERS for the McDaid trail. I had to parky way up in the field. THIS IS WRONG on both counts. Tried a few of my historic prime spots but impossible to fish with the debris and rock snot. Lost two shad hookups. Put two catfish lines in above a 10' hole and battled a big one for a while. Got it up to boat, looked about 10-12# and I did forget the net and hook pulled but would have released her anyway. I think I am done for the seaon. Not a banner run IMHO but had a lot of good relaxation time and had several good sessions but mainly wading and only one good boat trip all season N of gap.
Robert Wright | Montague | Friday May 20th 5:51 pm
Fished north of dingmans from 2pm to 430pm. Boated 8 and then the rain came. Temp 63, plenty of river snot and rain. Was hoping to have a banner evening until the rain came.
Kurt Miller | Northampton | Friday May 20th 5:00 pm
Slow day at Smithfield. Stuck with it and scratched out a dozen. Between quick strikes and releases, lost another 8. Orang and black worked best. Got out just before the storm came in.
ShadHareis | N of water gap | Thursday May 19th 8:03 pm
Slow evening N of gap wading. I got 6 roe my son got 4. 5pm to 7pm
Charles Mc | Around eshback | Thursday May 19th 5:40 pm
36 today. Best outing of the year. Most were Nice roe and looked to be fresh fish. Dart color really didn’t matter they were bangin everything.
Robert Wright | Montague | Wednesday May 18th 9:33 pm
Fished north of dingmans from 1pm to 630pm. No shad, only 7 smallmouth and one good size trout. However from 630 till 8pm, boated 21. I wish it could have stayed light for a bit longer, to enjoy the action.. Plenty of river snot, 63 degrees, slight stain.
Charles Mc | Around Eshback | Wednesday May 18th 5:57 pm
12 today most all nice Roe.
ShadHarris | Gap area | Wednesday May 18th 10:27 am
Decent Morning wading in the gap area I watched My buddy catch 9 before I got my first. Then I went 10 of 13 and he ended 19 of 20. I had to put the whammy on him with an hour left when I said “ don’t get stuck on 19” lol
| | Wednesday May 18th 7:13 am
Well, my season is about done. The Schuylkill is at about 67F and the shad are either into spawning or about to be. I don't care to get involved in that. I've had a fairly good season and now it's time to turn my attention toward the salt water. Good luck, all!
whitetail | Shohola | Tuesday May 17th 8:28 pm
water temp was in 70's barryville and lackawaxen last couple down a bit today poor action maybe temp drop will help but no banner year
| | Tuesday May 17th 7:22 pm
Anthony, if the water temps soar into the upper sixties the spawning will really kick I on especially from the gap should fish the upper river from narrowsburg up for the best fishing.the water is much colder so the fish hit better and spawn a little later.i have caught them up at stiles eddy as late as July 4th.good luck.
Charles mc | Above Eshback | Tuesday May 17th 6:12 pm
7 Shad and 2 nice smallmouth today. I’ll take it.
Anthony | Burlington City | Tuesday May 17th 12:17 pm
Does anybody have an opinion about how this weekends extreme heat will effect the shad?
Duke E Smith | Bethlehem | Monday May 16th 11:31 am
Fished from easton to belvadere 3 spots from shore not a bump.was going to start at sewer plant but water was too high must be letting water out of lehigh.fished easton above lehigh in a proven spot not a bump.then went to hummer beach not a bump spoke with a regular there only had one at sun up and only saw 4 caught in last week.then went up to belvadere no shad lots of gizzard shad .i tried everything definitely numbers r down.saw a fewdead shad floating down at belvadere.will try spawning rapids up north next couple of weeks.
Joseph C. | Phoenixville & Princeton | Monday May 16th 7:46 am
I took a ride up to Easton yesterday morning and fished the confluence from 10:00 to 1:00. Mediocre results. The guy fishing near me caught at least 10 to my 4. He was using a candy corn jig with a yellow little curly tail on it. Just cast it out and reeled it in. The fish thought it was just right. My double darts were not. I didn't get sunburned!
Charles Mc | Around Eshback. | Sunday May 15th 6:34 pm
Finally a decent outing. Managed 12 and missed a few.
ShadHarris | Gap Area | Sunday May 15th 11:33 am
Best morning from shore this season going 26/27 all on double pink or double candy corn darts, my buddy did about the same. Mostly roe. Landed a double and had one double of big roe bust me off otherwise would have landed all hookups. Boats below us not catching a darn thing.
| | Sunday May 15th 9:22 am
Thank you DY, I appreciate the response.
DY | Poconos | Saturday May 14th 9:07 am
Anthony, not yet. 611 still closed, recent news story said it should open by early summer.
Anthony | | Saturday May 14th 8:58 am
I’m going to try this again, is there anybody out there that knows if Rt. 611 is open for traffic from the Gap to Portland. Thanks in advance.
Bruce Komar | Vernon | Friday May 13th 8:37 pm
Fished Bushkill on the 12th. and only picked up 13. Fished from 6am to 6pm. Very slow. Fished N of Dingmans on the 13th. all day did not even get a bump. The river must be getting a cold, a lot of snot coming down. Tight Lines
RPS | Greeley | Friday May 13th 6:50 pm
Fished divers rock above Zane Grey tonight 2:30 - 6 caught 2 shad and 1 fall fish water temp. 70 deg.
ShadHarris | N of Water Gap | Friday May 13th 8:53 am
13 on the 13th. wading this morning 5:30-8:15. Had 6 before 6am thought would be epic. But I cooled down and scratched out 7 more. My buddy started slow and ended with 22! Neither of us lost any hookups and half were nice fresh healthy roe with several over 5 lbs. 1/16 ounce candy corn darts were beat. Only got one on spoon. My buddy got all his on that dart as well.
| | Friday May 13th 6:30 am
"Woods Toads" must be a local name for Fowler's Toad or American Toad. American Toads, the most common, are singing / mating now.
| | Friday May 13th 1:21 am
GENE Those are wood toads. They come down from the hillsides to breed. It happens every spring when the shad are here. There are usually 2 or 3 separate "runs" in April and May. The large ones are the females. They leave gelatinous strings filled with black eggs. The eggs develop into tiny black "toadpoles". Some times so thick in the water next to shore it is a chore not to step on them. The male mating trills are often annoying to some people.
Gene | Shohola | Thursday May 12th 11:27 pm
Slow day today near Milford from the shore, no bites, and there were a couple of boats that didn't appear to be catching either in the short time I was there. But the one thing to mention is that the Frogs were all OVER each other on the shoreline, didn't care that I was there. I would imagine that is weather and temperature dependent (probably more air than water temp though) Does anyone have past experience with the timing of the frog mating with the shad run? thanks
Robert Wright | Montague | Thursday May 12th 8:54 pm
Fished north of dingmans from 2pm to 7pm Boated 3 lost 3. Water temp 63, clarity good, some river snot. No wind. Not much action tonight
Mike Ferraro | West Chester pa | Thursday May 12th 3:19 pm
Hickory Shad. Fished 11th and 12th in the Octoraro. Did well for hickories. Nothing for me in Deer Creek and the River is raging. Forget Fisherman's Park. Have fun. Mike?
Joseph C. | Phoenixville, PA / Ewing, NJ | Wednesday May 11th 8:49 pm
First try, I fished for an hour at lunch time from shore below Lambertville. In this order I caught 1 Hickory, 1 Herring, 1 Striper, and 1 Smallmouth. All on the same double dart rig. No American. On the way home I went through Philly and tried low tide on the Schuylkill. There were lots of rocks showing and the current was running fast. It was a Hickory circus. I caught about 5 Hickories to each American and ended up with 6 American. And 1 catfish. I lost 5 or 6 rigs as the fish wrapped my line around sharp rocks in the fast current. 10# braid...poof! It was an excellent 1.5 hours of fishing and I left them biting.
ShadHarris | N of water gap | Wednesday May 11th 8:39 pm
disappointing night wading after the last few days seeing it build up a bit - i went 4 of 7 and my son 3 of 7. Lots of 50 casts in between strikes. Oh well that is the way it's been for me past few seasons.
| Montague | Tuesday May 10th 9:44 pm
Fish north of dingmans from 3pm to 730. No action until 530. After 530 the river woke up. Boated 21 in last two hours. After catching over 200 shad this year, I kill my first fish. Gut hooked buck. Water temp 58, windy till 5pm, water clarity good.
Anthony | | Tuesday May 10th 7:43 pm
Is Rt. 611 at the Gap open yet
RPS | Greeley | Tuesday May 10th 7:40 pm
Fished Zane Grey from shore tonight 3 - 5:30 caught 1 had another hit still a little windy water temp. 63 deg. Been tough fishing up where the night time temps keep dipping into the lower 30's.