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Tom | Warwick | Tuesday July 7th 1:27 pm
Thanks for that list - I appreciate the help
| Bethlehem | Tuesday July 7th 11:42 am
Does anybody know where to get eels or live trout for stripers near easton?can't find any bait shops that have them anymore
Jeff K | Hillsborough | Monday July 6th 4:07 pm
Here is a good list of boat launches:
Tom | Warwick | Monday July 6th 11:44 am
Are there any decent launches at the Water Gap? I found 2 in Jersey one below and one above Rt 80, but it looks like neither are paved. I went to one of those a few years ago, but didn't trust that I could get out of the mud if I launched there. Looking for a place to bass fish where there is water deep enough to travel up and down river with prop motor.
| | Thursday July 2nd 12:50 pm
Anybody know where to buy eels caught above Trenton for human consumption.
Joseph C. | Phoenixville / Princeton | Friday June 26th 6:14 pm
Looking back on my 2020 shad season I'd say that I had the best season of my life. That might actually be because of the Covid-19. I was able to commit a lot more time to social distancing at the river and worry about traffic a lot less. The Schuylkill was just terrific for me. The lower Delaware just sucked for the most part. It wasn't the run's fault, but the weather's, with the rain being the main factor. I made one trip to Easton and was skunked, as I recall - the first time that's ever happened to me there. I'm focused on the salt water now, but will miss those drives home that featured zero traffic and 20 or 30 shad on the way. Good luck to everybody. Be safe! I'm looking forward to next year already.
Rob Wright | Montague | Saturday June 20th 1:17 pm
Based on the number of fish caught compared to the hours fished, I caught almost the same number of shad as 2019 and 2018. Fishing the Milford and dingmans area, the lengthofthe run seemed longer(early April to beginning of June). Therefore I believe 2020 was just as good as previous years. I respect everyone's comments . See you all next spring.
Duke | Bethlehem | Saturday June 20th 9:29 am
Last Harrah.fished narrowsburg had good action from 5 to about 8.small darts sharktruse best color.caught 11 missed several were hitting closed mouth.mostly big fresh rowes fish r spawning up here now.river is low and clear.thats it for the year.from what I am seeing and talking to some of the trout guides up here numbers r definitely down.
Dukel | Bethlehem | Sunday June 14th 2:02 pm
Had a fantastic morning at 10 mile river.had one on on almost every cast from 530 til about 10.lots of big fresh rowed and some bucks mixed in.color didn't matter fish were stacked up like chordwood.this is probably my last trip for the year but I might try one more time with the fly rod.there r still a lot of fish in the upper river cool weather helping.
Duke | Bethlehem | Saturday June 13th 7:42 am
Had a good bite this morning at lordville for about 2 hrs.small orange and black seemed to work best shut down at 7 cool up here.will flyfish for trout the rest of the day up here and will try 10 mile river for shad tommorow am on way home and that will probably be it for year .
Duke | Bethlehem | Friday June 12th 7:18 pm
Fishing way upper river from Hancock to stiles with fly rod caught 11 including one on a dry fly(sulfur fly).lots of strong fish up here.water temp at stiles eddy is 49.going to fish up here tommorow as well.
| | Thursday June 11th 7:14 pm
Good action today at hales eddy on the west branch.lots of strong fresh fish on small sharktruse darts Water clear and 58 spawning activity up here yet.
Dennis J Scholl | Hellertown | Thursday June 11th 9:38 am
Certainly not telling anyone what to do, but if you'd like more shad to spawn in the river this year, now's the time to switch over to another species. I think the shad deserve a rest.
| | Thursday June 11th 6:59 am
The farther up the better.u can find fish from easton up but they will be full blown spawning and beat up.the farther up u go the cooler the water .back when I was really gung go I would fish up at balls eddy and stiles eddy way up til the fourth of July.good luck go small and fish the rapids.if the river doesn't get blown out we have a few weeks yet.
Randy | | Wednesday June 10th 3:13 pm
Marc/ even farther north if you can it is towards the end of the run unless you go up to Narrowsburg or above. Early morning like Duke said would be best.
| | Tuesday June 9th 9:27 pm
Thanks Duke. I was thinking of trying dingmans ferry. Is that far enough north?
Duke | Bethlehem | Tuesday June 9th 7:17 pm
Marc best am bite is from 5 to about r in spawn mode so u must go small with darts or flies and r better off fishing the upper river say from lackawaxen to and up the West branch.
Marc | | Tuesday June 9th 5:07 pm
Will shad bite in the morning and if so until about what time at this time of year?
Chiggy | Frackville | Tuesday June 9th 8:13 am
Spade and Howie, fished our favorite spot yesterday caught at least 60 in 5 hours, unfortunately it will soon be over
Randy | | Monday June 8th 10:05 pm
Fished above Smithfield this evening caught 6 but water is in the 70's and the shad are tired and spawning. My last time out for this year.
Rob Wright | Montague | Monday June 8th 9:45 pm
Fished north of dingmans from 4 to 7. Boated 4 lost two. Water temperature 73, very clear, very low, no debris. Some dying shad on surface. Tonight was my last trip for shad. Total season catch 318.
Duke | Bethlehem | Monday June 8th 11:04 am
Started out at narrowsburg did well from 5 to 7 then died small pink and black best color strong fresh fish.then stopped at bushkill what a difference.fished rapids fish were in full spawn mode had to switch to microdarts caught were in rough shape compared to upper river not much of a fight on 6 pound medium rod I usually use.may be it for me will either fish upper river or go with fly rod or ultra light with microdarts for the spawners.beginning of the end a few weeks left if river doesn't get blown out must use different tactics.
Duke | Bethlehem | Sunday June 7th 2:25 pm
Fished skinners falls today and whooped em.caught over 30 on medium pink and white darts in the strong current.a whole different ball game up here.water is much cooler and fish are still strong and not spawning yet.will fish up here tommorow will be good up here til the forth of July.may even go up farther tommorow.
Charles mcquaid | Above Eshback access in the rapids | Saturday June 6th 6:11 pm
Another good day. 26 caught and released. No bullshit. They still seem to be real fresh. Fish the rapids below a pool. 2 dart rig working well.
Duke Smith | Bethlehem | Saturday June 6th 7:32 am
Fished easton this am with fly rod caught 7 in rapids fish r spawning down here.used really small flies good from530 to 7 then stopped hitting.lots of spawning fish here.going to head up to narrowsburg Monday where the water is much cooler.catch them up there til the 4th of July.
Randy | | Friday June 5th 10:43 pm
3 above the gap, last one was a big feisty roe. Probably make this my last time out for shad this year tho. I'll fish closer to home. Saw my first lamprey attached to a rock about 2 1/2 foot down. Weird creatures that's for sure.
Charles mcquaid | Around Eshback somewhere. | Friday June 5th 5:46 pm
Hammered them again today. They look like fresh fish. Lots of big roes. Not done yet.
Randy | | Thursday June 4th 11:09 pm
Got 2 wading fast water above the gap at dusk. 2nd was a big roe fought pretty well didn't want to leave the fast water. 1st one seemed a little tired. Some slapping on the surface no dead ones tho.
Rob Wright | Montague | Thursday June 4th 8:33 pm
Fished north of dingmans from 4 to 7. Boated 12 lost 2 River high, clarity averages, tons of debris, river snot everywhere. No shad dying yet
Charles mcquaid | Above Bushkill. | Thursday June 4th 6:33 pm
Hammered them today. Fresh fish. We’re holding in strong current.
Rob Wright | Montague | Tuesday June 2nd 9:58 pm
Fished north of dingmans from 4 to 7. Boated 18 lost two. Water temperature 62 and clear. No debris. No dying shad on surface.
Shad Puppy | Smithfield Beach | Tuesday June 2nd 7:30 pm
Fished above Smithfield from 8 to 12. 8 in the boat, lost 1. Fresh, strong fish but water getting warm.
Rob Wright | Montague | Monday June 1st 10:17 pm
Fished north of dingmans from 430 to 730. Boated 12 lost 7. Water temp 65, low and clear, no debris. Did not see any shad on the surface dying yet.
Duke | Bethlehem | Monday June 1st 6:04 pm
Caught 15 on small darts at Worthington were stacked up innrapids.2 other fisherman were catching as well still good fishing in upper river for a few weeks if it doesn't get blown out or to hot.
| | Thursday May 28th 9:52 pm
Also where I normally go for shad by this time when the river is low and clear you can see the shad and you can literally stand among them in the rapid section I fish. Not this year tho at least not the last two times I've gone.
Randy | | Thursday May 28th 9:23 pm
Wading above the gap caught 1 shad in the rapids with a bonus 26" maybe 27" channel cat. Pole measured it and gave it to 1 fisherman of the 3 downstream from me that came running up to see what I was battling. They also got 1 shad and were happy with the catfish. Est. wt. on the catty 6 or 7 lbs.
Rob Wright | Montague | Thursday May 28th 11:28 am
Fished north of dingmans Wednesday from 4pm to 7pm. Caught 2 lost 0. Water temp 73, water low and clear with debris. Its coming to an end
Duke | Bethlehem | Thursday May 28th 7:06 am
That is right up above Riverdale.there are still plenty of fish in the river from reigalsville up will last a few more weeks if it doesn't get to hot.
| | Wednesday May 27th 5:52 pm
Doe hollow is in upper mount bethel, pa
| | Wednesday May 27th 12:59 pm
Where is doe hollow?
Duke | Bethlehem | Wednesday May 27th 11:28 am
Fished doe hollow this morning and whooped em wading with small 25 plus from 730 to 10 hvy action fish still fresh and coming up.pre spawn must jig the dart to get hits.
Duke | Bethlehem | Tuesday May 26th 9:32 am
Caught 5 at easton this am on small darts.shut down after 8.missed several and had a lot of follows.all big rowes signs of spawning activity starting.
Keith K. | Upper Black Eddy to Treasure Island | Monday May 25th 11:46 pm
Floated / canoed from Upper Black Eddy to Treasure Island today. We stopped and fished a lot along the way. Only thing caught was one small striper.
Rob Wright | Montague | Monday May 25th 8:55 am
Phil, I think it is because the sun went down. Same tactics, same homemade lures.
Duke | Bethlehem | Monday May 25th 8:11 am
Fished hummers beach this morning and crushed them below the rapids.small darts red and white seemed best.started at 530 had nonstop action til about 7 then it slowed down.nice fresh fish mostly big Rowe with a few bucks mixed in.still some good fishing left until river drops and spawning goes full bore.then I will break out the fly rod.
Phil M. | Sandyston | Sunday May 24th 10:32 pm
Rob, Did you change tactics after 5pm or is that just how the chips fell ?
Rob Wright | Montague | Sunday May 24th 9:17 pm
Fished north of dingmans from 3pm to 730. Boated 22 lost 8. All fish caught after 5pm. Water temperature 65, clear, low, little debris
| | Friday May 22nd 3:49 pm
FIREMAN'S beach/eddy is where the rescue/recovery operations are launched for accident victims from mishaps at the Lambertville wingdam. It would be logical that the name of beach is original and was applied to the eddy feature afterward.
Rob Wright | Montague | Friday May 22nd 2:31 pm
Fished north of dingmans from 8am to 12 noon. Boated 9. Water temp 60, some debris, lots of sun
| | Friday May 22nd 9:59 am
Thanks Duke