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Hegotacamel | Washingtonscrossing | Sunday June 23rd 8:24 am
Was trout fishing near stiles eddy and also in the neversink and to my surprise there r still shad up here.caught 0 on dry fly caught 5 on stonefly nympth.had good dry fly action before dark on trout caught 7 nice browns and 2 beautiful rainbows.the water is still cool close to the top but the main branch is getting too warm to fish.must go above Hancock closer to dams.
Ds | Bethlehem | Tuesday June 18th 6:53 pm
Couldn't let it go had to get one last trip in.fished skinners caught 7 on small darts 2 pound.last trip for year for sure
Tony | Easton | Saturday June 15th 7:59 am
Fished stilesville for trout and caught several shad on nymphs and 3 on dry flies again.caught 4 browns and 2 nice bows.water is still cool up here seeing dead shad now as well.
Ds | Bethlehem | Tuesday June 11th 8:24 pm
Decided to fish one last time and check our upper river.fished skinners falls from shore and caught 23 on small darts on ultralight. Fish are finally starting to spawn up here.saw decent numbers up at Hancock as well.last trip for year overall definitely way better than last year.
Hegotacamel | Washingtonscrossing | Friday June 7th 6:04 pm
Fishing upper river for trout and caught some shad on dry flies and stoneflies again.caught several nice browns and 2 rainbows .fished mainstem at Hancock and equinok. Will fish west branch tomorrow. Lots of shad up here.what gets me is they say the shad don't eat in freshwater yet I catch them in the upper river and they purposely hit sulfur and march browns on top and when I catch them on nymphs they are full of stoneflies?
Tony | Easton | Thursday June 6th 7:16 pm
Fished above lackawaxen on pa side private access. Caught 11 on flyrod and missed several others fish r starting to spawn here.last trip for year for shad.will trout fish yet.
VG | Worthington | Thursday June 6th 1:53 pm
I have received my order from Steve's UV Leaves from order placed on 4/27/24. He included 6 extra lures and they do appear to be very good quality.
Bob Prush | Sparrow Bush New York | Tuesday June 4th 1:58 pm
Went fishing this mourning ,3 hours off 97 ,went early 530 ,used all my shad dart colors ,river very low not one bite ,LOL
VG | Worthington | Monday June 3rd 2:08 pm
As of today my order from Steve's UV Leaves has shipped. I cancelled my PayPal payment a couple days ago. When (if) I receive the lures I will certainly pay for them. What a PITA.
Bob Prush | Sparrow Bush New York | Monday June 3rd 9:41 am
Delaware river
Fred | Phillipsburg | Sunday June 2nd 8:07 pm
Fished above hummers Beach from shore and caught 5 and a nice striper on darts .still some around.
Hegotacamel | Washingtonscrossing | Thursday May 30th 7:08 pm
Decided to fish the way upper river.fished yesterday and today for shad and trout with flyrod.fished stilesville and hales eddy.caught lots of shad and some nice browns and one big bow on stone fly nymphs and also caught one shad on a caddis dry r not spawning yet up this far and water is still cold up here.
ShadHarris | | Thursday May 30th 9:47 am
calling out Steven Reigles on the Facebook Delaware River Shad page to address this issue.... Lets see if he responds.
ShadHarris | | Thursday May 30th 8:48 am
Steves Leaves website does not exist any longer but his facebook page is active. I would contact him through FB. VG - are you out $$$???? I would comment on his page to get some attention
VG | Worthington | Thursday May 30th 7:02 am
Update on Steve's UV Leaves flutter spoons. My shipment order has never occurred and now his website is no longer available, at least to me.
Tony | Easton | Thursday May 30th 6:55 am
Fished easton from shore for last time caught 9 mainly big contest winning roes. All on small flashy spoons silver and orange.overall a pretty good year.
Ds | Bethlehem | Tuesday May 28th 4:40 pm
Finished my 5 day upriver trip today.good fishing until today when river got blown out.fished from shore at barryville narrowsburg and skinnersfalls.caught tons of fish on darts and spoons and several on fly rod including 2 that hit sulfur dry are starting to spawn here that will be it for me this year.
| | Tuesday May 28th 3:44 pm
I feel 2024 was finally a trend upward after 6 years of trending downward, each year seemed worse than the prior when I think it peaked for me around 2017. There seemed to be a lot more shad in the river and good numbers spread throughout from far S to way N... I fished 16 times with a very late start of 4/10, where I only boated 1, and ended my last trip wading with 12 on 5/13. I would have fished another solid week but water temps were over 70 degrees, and the best numbers of the season were settled in between Bushkill and Dingmans at that time but I just don't fish once that spawn starts. My boat accounted for 254 shad, and wading accounted for 177 for a grand total of 431. I waded 8 times, and boated 8 times for an average trip of 26.9 shad combined, but boat average was 31.75, and wade average was 22.125. Now that is a bit skewed, because Wading sessions are 2-3 hours, and during tournament i was basically dawn to dusk 4 days and the very first day of bi-state, we netted 117, but of course not to be duplicated that body of fish rapidly moved north and could not get on them like that again. The other 4 boat sessions were about 3 hours long. I hope you all found a good uptick in the shad numbers this season, I know some of you did, some did not. I will say the size of fish seems to still trend downward, as out of 431 shad, nothing close to 5 lbs. 4/10 - 1 shad, boat 4/11 - 5 ,wading 4/12 - 4, boat 4/17 - 50+++ lost count, wading. This was my BEST outing of season, a few miles N of Gap most of session was hookup every cast. 4/19 - 17, Wading 4/20 - 12, Wading 4/21 - 21, boat 4/23 - 22, wading 4/25 - 117, boat (all day) 4/26 - 43, boat 4/27 - 53, boat 4/28 - 32, boat 5/3 - 6, wading 5/6 - 10, wading 5/7 - 26, boat (tons of fish - well over 50 hits just not committing had to use micro-darts) 5/13 - 12, wading Going back to 2017, I would have to say totals were at least doubled, and average per trip nearly doubled as well but this season was a big improvement over last 6 (for me). I only fish from Worthington to Eshback, primarily. I will on occasion run further South, but not this season.
Joe Dans | Narrowsburg | Monday May 27th 5:19 pm
Fished Narrowsburg on PA side May 25th with 1/8th ounce green chartreuse twister jig and got 0 fish/shad and one possible hit. National park ranger who checked me for a license and gave out tickets for boaters that did not have life vests…said he caught a 40 inch striper on a rapala jerk bait. Small smallies chasing tiny minnows along the edges of the river.
Vaughn N Good | Worthington | Monday May 27th 10:11 am
Warning about Steve's UV Leaves flutter spoons. I placed a small order on April 27th and now a month later I still haven't received notice that they shipped. I spoke with him once and he had to "call me back after work" but of course that never happened. Last E mail he was going to ship them this week (come and gone). This is the worst on line attempted purchase experience I have ever had. Buyer beware!
Whitetail | Shohola | Saturday May 25th 7:02 pm
time to let them spawn
DS | Bethlehem | Saturday May 25th 10:58 am
Fished barryville from shore this morning and crushed them from 6 to 930 then it shut down lots of big roe fish r getting ready to spawn will probably go to narrowsburg for evening.tons of fish up here .
Chuck Mc | Delaware river Poconos. | Friday May 24th 5:58 pm
Only 2 today. Signs of spawning activity. Last outing for me this year. My best year ever. 415 caught and released. An outstanding run. See you next year.
DS | Bethlehem | Friday May 24th 5:43 pm
Fished first day of last hurrah weekend on upper river.fished skinners falls today and hammered down on them with small gold and orange and yellow camp set up and started fishing at 10 and had fish on til I got tired of catching them.also caught a nice walleye which I am having for r showing signs of spawn should be a good 4 day trip depending on weather but the fish r here.
Tony | Easton | Friday May 24th 5:32 pm
Caught plenty on fly rod today .fished Worthington tract.water is getting warm fish r spawning now .probably last trip unless I go way north like hales eddy where water is still cool.
Hammer4reel | North of Gap | Friday May 24th 3:40 pm
Fished Monday and Tuesday north of the Gap . Good trips both afternoons . Fish were spawning both afternoons for miles way before nightfall 4 more days with river temps above 70 since , its time to let them spawn and make more for the future
Chuck Mc | Delaware river Poconos. | Thursday May 23rd 5:37 pm
11 today. Seeing signs of the spawn. 1 or 2 more outings and I’m done for the season.
Dale | Stroudsburg | Wednesday May 22nd 2:57 pm
Fished eshbachs area today from shore and caught over 50 on darts color didn't matter.will be last trip fish are getting sluggish warm water beats them up.they are stacked up getting ready to spawn so it's time to leave them do their thing.
RPS | Greeley Pa. | Tuesday May 21st 9:28 pm
Fished Zane Grey from shore tonight 6 - 8 hooked 11 landed 7 water temp. was 70.8 deg. This will be my last shad fishing for this season it's been a good year 113 landed. Talk to you all next year.
Hegotacamel | Washingtonscrossing | Tuesday May 21st 6:15 pm
Went upriver to Smithfield Beach from shore.caught 9 on small gold spoons 4 on darts fish are starting to show were jumping and splashing for an hour after daylight. Last trip of year water is warming up unless you fish the way upper river.
Chuck Mc | Delaware river Poconos. | Tuesday May 21st 5:20 pm
Started the day needing 16 to reach the 400 on the year mark. Managed 18. What a year. Shad seem to be getting a bit sluggish. 2 or 3 more outings and I’ll let them be to spawn out.
Chuck Mc | Delaware river Poconos | Monday May 20th 5:41 pm
23 more today. Need 16 more to hit 400 for the year and then I’ll hang it up until next year. Been a great season already.
A Wolf | Springfield | Sunday May 19th 9:15 pm
Fished Philipsburg from 3:30- 6:30pm, hooked 2 landed 2, both on flutter spoons, I need one more and I will tie last year's count, was a beautiful day.
RPS | Greeley Pa. | Sunday May 19th 8:41 pm
Fished Zane Grey from shore 5 - 7:30 tonight hooked 15 landed 12 had my first double this season a shad on the 1/4 dart and a smally on the1/32. water temp. was 65.3 deg.
Chuck Mc | Delaware river Poconos | Sunday May 19th 5:52 pm
Another good outing. 33 today plus 1 walleye and 1 bass. 1 small dart and a split shot drifted with the current was working great.
Hegotacamel | Washingtonscrossing | Sunday May 19th 8:15 am
Fished Lambertville from shore caught 9 on spoons 3 on darts.action from 6am to 730 am then shut off completely. Mostly roe.also caught 4 herring and a smallie.still some fish moving through and I have it all to myself!
Ed | Shaola | Sunday May 19th 7:39 am
Fished Dingmans caught 13 .6 on plugs with spoons 7 with flatline small darts.lots of knockdowns and misses.saw some splashing and jumping early fish are definitely in pre spawn mode.will probably put boat away and fish farther north before I pack it in.i don't like to harass the spawning fish especially from maybe here down.i fish later in the upper river because very few of those fish survive after spawning. When you get up by equinok they are more like salmon and cannot survive the trip.
A Wolf | Springfield | Saturday May 18th 8:42 pm
Fished Philipsburg today from 3:30-6:30pm, a gentle rain the whole time, hooked 2 landed 2, a small buck then a big roe, all on gold flutter spoons, also a bonus smallmouth, had the whole river to myself, happy I went, life is good.
Chuck Mc | Delaware river Poconos. | Saturday May 18th 5:44 pm
31 today. All seem like strong fresh fish. No spawning activity yet.
DS | Bethlehem | Friday May 17th 9:18 pm
Finally got to fish upper river today.fished skinners falls from shore and ended up with 33 landed a dozen or more missed.most on quarter ounce orange and black dart fish r starting to stack up in the rapids in preparation for the spawn.saw some splashing at first still fresh eggs still on small side.killed on which I am eating for dinner over the fire .should be good for another month up here.
RPS | Greeley Pa. | Friday May 17th 9:00 pm
Fished Zane Grey from shore tonight 5:00 - 7:30 hooked 14 landed 13 lots of other hits not hooking up water temp. was 60 deg.
Tony | Easton | Friday May 17th 9:00 pm
Fished Smithfield Beach today and whooped up on them 73 landed many more missed.all.on plugs with small gold or silver action was from 7 to 930 had a hard time putting 2 rods out.lots of big roe.
Chuck Mc | Delaware river Poconos. | Friday May 17th 5:49 pm
21 today just couldn’t get 3 more that would have made it 300 so far. I’ll get em next time.
Chuck Mc | Delaware river Poconos. | Thursday May 16th 5:03 pm
10 Shad today and 2 bass then the rains came so called it a day
Kazoo | Milford | Thursday May 16th 6:03 am
Thnx ShadHarris. I’ll give her a go tomorrow!
Joe Dans | Narrowsburg | Wednesday May 15th 6:33 pm
Caught 3 shad up to 4lbs and lost three at PA fishing beach/Narrowsburg on the Delaware using 1/8 ounce chartreuse shad dart. Nice fights, got a lot of hits and the fish at 6pm. Used 6lb test.
Chuck Mc | Delaware river Poconos. | Wednesday May 15th 5:47 pm
Fine day today along the river. Landed 31 and a bonus walleye.
ShadHarris | | Wednesday May 15th 1:30 pm
Kazoo - the correct answer is "yes" and anywhere in between.
Kazoo | Milford PA | Wednesday May 15th 1:01 pm
Hello all. Sounds like some good fishing opportunities. Looking for some advice from you Shad Fishermen. Im A bit green on Shad fishing skills. At this time of year would it be better served to be up by Zane Grey or down by Eshback. Thnx in advance.
A Wolf | Springfield | Wednesday May 15th 7:38 am
RPS, just my luck, leaving just when they turned on, nice to hear they still wanna play, hope to make it up that way this weekend, hope all the rain keeps them active, best of luck. Enjoy.