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Johnnywb44 | Byram, NJ | Tuesday July 18th 11:35 am
Hi All, Whatever happened to the picture gallery that was on the site?
Duke E Smith | Bethlehem | Monday June 12th 7:14 am
Fished narrowsburg yesterday for last hurrah .Caught 9 mostly big rowes on darts.Never saw river this low during shad season.What worries me is I saw very little spawning activity.They should be all over up here now.The fish I caught were in the rapids and that was from 5 am til 5 pm normally I would of caught a lot more .The numbers are way down this year hopefully things will rebound and they won't shut it down!
marc | lambertville | Saturday June 10th 6:32 pm
Fished Lambertville just because it's close to me. Did not read any fish. saw one zombie fish swimming around aimlessly. Saw a few dead shad...Looks like the run is over here.
| | Friday June 9th 6:59 pm
Last trip of year ? Fished spinners falls had a banner day.37 landed many missed swiping at dart with closed mouth.Mostly strong fresh rowes with a few small buck.No much spawning activity up here yet.Saw a few splashing killed one rowe which I am having for dinner and eggs are still small.Best day this year fish hit from 530 am til 9 am then shut down.River low and clear .
| | Friday June 9th 4:52 pm
The last 2 days there were schools of Shad fry coming down river in Easton area
| | Friday June 9th 7:11 am
The gap would be fine.go light and fish moving water.
| | Thursday June 8th 9:17 pm you think I'd need to go like all the way up to Dingmans?
| | Thursday June 8th 7:09 pm
Broke out the fly rod and fished Shawnee.Managed to catch four but not many fish around.They should be spawning big time but saw very few fish and no activity.With the river this low I normally would of seen and caught a lot of fish.Very dissapointing year.Might try further up next week or might just pack it in.
| | Thursday June 8th 7:02 pm
Marc, it is still possible but I would head north from easton up the further the better.
marc | nj | Thursday June 8th 12:06 pm
Hi fellas. Is there any chance of catching shad at this point in Lambertville? Thanks for the info!
| | Saturday June 3rd 9:23 am
Fished doe hollow from 5 to 830 this am.Caught 3 early on small darts.Not many fish around.This spot should be loaded with spawning fish and they are not here.Last trip for this year despite good conditions most of the season worst year I ever had for catch rates.Very low numbers of fish this year Hopefully next year will be better and they don't shut it down.
| | Tuesday May 30th 8:05 pm
Snuck in 2 hours of fishing this evening between 5 and 7 and was pleasantly suprised. I fished at Easton and caught 7 on small gold and orange and yellow spoon.Five big roes and two small buck.River is summer time low.
| | Tuesday May 30th 4:54 pm
I think it is some kind of shiner or trash fish.
Duke E Smith | Bethlehem | Tuesday May 30th 3:29 pm
Fished memorial day from shore.caughtn22 and a nice striper small darts no spawning activity observed very weird year all fresh strong mostly big roses. Fished above lackawaxen.
Rob Wright | Montague | Tuesday May 30th 12:57 pm
Shad Harris I was thinking the same thing. Is it a hickory or American shad. Ps we talked about the handling of shad for future generations.
ShadHarris | | Tuesday May 30th 8:23 am
George - why are you posting non-Delaware river shad in a Delaware River shad fishing group?
George | Robert G Martin Lake | Sunday May 28th 10:56 pm
Caught and released a shad with corn bait on 4 lb test line.
| | Saturday May 27th 8:14 am
Shore fished at Bushkill caught 2 at 530 on small gold spoon and that was it.No fish or spawning activity,Water is low,warm,and clear.Probably last time out definitely low numbers this year.
| | Saturday May 27th 1:49 am
KAZOO; Stripers 20 -30 lbs have been reported at Hancock some years.
Kazoo | Dingmans | Friday May 26th 9:12 pm
Anyone have any thoughts on just how far North up the Delaware stripers make it? Enjoy reading all the updates. helps keep us in the game.
Chuck Mc | Up north | Friday May 26th 4:51 pm
Done for the year as of today. My records indicate I only caught 88 Shad in 25 outings this year compared 238 in about the same amount of outings last year. Very down year. Hoping this fishery rebounds nicely next year and in the years that follow. Tight lines to you and hope to see you next year.
| | Thursday May 25th 6:36 pm
I am concerned about the lack of spawning activity I am not seeing.this time of year and especially with the low clear water and warm water temps they should be actively spawning now.I have been fishing from Smithfield beach to Spinners falls the last two weeks almost everyday and I am not seeing it.Something is definitely off.
Chuck mc | Up north | Thursday May 25th 4:54 pm
3rd outing in a row and not one Shad. On this day last year in same spot as today it was my all time best when I landed 71. A day to remember for sure. Will give it a go 2 or 3 more times and I’m done. Did land 5 nice smallies today on flutter spoons so the day was not a total loss.
ShadHarris | The river | Thursday May 25th 3:48 pm
Rob W - I only ever see minor changes this time of year. I always felt the shad are pretty much near where they are spawn by now. Historically in low clear water I would wade for them in rapids, 2.5 to 4' of water. They literally just lay in there waiting to spawn. Since they usually are right below spawning pools, they might move up into the pools at night. You definitely had a few good weeks or at least were able to string several good days in a row above Dingmans Bridge, but you were on the main northern body of fish. I was on those fish closer to the gap a bit before you. By the time your spots started producing well, it was back to spotty fishing just further south. The water was extremely warm this year by 3rd week of April and after a brief cool down, was back up to above normal temps again. That may have impacted movement as well. One thing I did not witness this year in spite of abnormally warm water was any noticeable spawning activity. I literally saw none. To me the run is "done" once they go into heavy spawn mode. It is done for me regardless - I had more fun catching stripers in the bay this spring and now the fluking is getting good. Till next season! Tight lines all
Rob Wright | Montague | Thursday May 25th 2:49 pm
Shad Harris makes several excellent points, including the the releasing and handling of caught shad, and locating shad hotspots. The only thing that I find different this year is that I didn't notice the hundreds/thousands shad dying on the surface. I didn't fish during the flood or during the several windy days, and I feel that the run is over. I respectfully hope that a large number of shad return to the ocean, as I didn't witness the " evening death surface swim". Just my hopeful thought. Shad Harris is right, if we don't release the fish properly, each shad that doesn't survive, is less fish in the future. I hope they don't stop or limit the shad fishing season. One last thought, could there still be another shad surge this year?
ShadHarris | the river | Thursday May 25th 1:43 pm
My overall summary of 2023 Shad run is "not good". Again - seeing it having peaked around 2017 in terms of numbers of shad surging north of water gap. Each subsequent year - getting a little worse than the prior. Had some excellent conditions most of this season but we did lose a week in may due to extreme floods. Had some epic or near epic days in boat, 50-60+ fish days, and really only one good shore session. The days of sitting in same spot from shore or boat and having thousands of shad pass by you are sadly over - you really have to move to get on them. Like any other year, they mostly strike when you get on them, I think lack of action is mainly due to lack of fish where you are set up. Some days had to really dial it down in size of lure and weight due to low clear conditions but those have always been my favorite conditions. It has been my experience that down cycles in shad runs are historically repetitive and can last up to 10 year before the bounce-back. What is more concerning has been complete lack of returning shad to spawn and the fact that they are all one and done. This was not the case during banner years and cycles. Hopefully DR shad fishing is NOT shut down - I do not think we have that much impact on the sustainability - but we can do better with how we handle them for sure. I saw far too many "hero" pics on social media this season with the death grip on the gills, blood running out of gills, and "safely released". Too many nylon nets - use rubber, and keep fish in net for picture. Shore fisherman - keep them in water do not take out of water. Just little things we can do to truly safely release shad, before the entire thing is shut down. (Hopefully not)
Duke E Smith | Bethlehem | Thursday May 25th 9:21 am
Fished belvadere Martin's creek and easton from 5 am to 4pm.caught no fish till 2 when I hit a pocket and nailed 12 in a row.then picked up another 3 after that all strong fresh fish mostly roe.all on a dart with no weight.river very low and clear goose grass and other summer weeds starting up.
| | Wednesday May 24th 11:37 am
Fished barryville last 3 days with poor results.i stand on a rock at the top of a rapids sight fishing At this same spot for the last 40.years I see thousands and catch 50 plus a day I caught 2 saw 20 live and several dead but no activity or fish like normal and for this spot conditions are perfect.something is majorly.wrong!
Rob Wright | North of dingmans | Monday May 22nd 8:20 pm
Fished from 4pm to 730pm. River low and crystal clear. No wind, no debris, and no shad caught. First time in my career. Seen several dead shad at the bottom of the river and a few dying on the surface. I am done for the year. 283 shad boated for 2023 It's been a pleasure to meet you all on this blog and on the river. See you next year.
James Leiser | Shohola | Monday May 22nd 8:03 am
Fished the Port Jervis area yesterday for around 2.5 hours changing spots, not even a bump. Talked to a couple other anglers, no shad for them yesterday.
Under the Radar | Piscataway | Sunday May 21st 7:37 pm
Fished Milford, PA this morning. Only one on the river. Didn't catch, see anything swimming up or down. Very quiet!
| | Sunday May 21st 6:50 pm
Thanks for the update, Chuck mc. Some of us that travel an hour or better want it to be worthwhile. Just hope this isn't a long-term downtrend.
Chuck mc | Up north | Sunday May 21st 4:51 pm
2nd day no Shad up north. This time last year was awesome hoping for one final push of good numbers coming thru.
Darbytown kid | Narrowsburg | Saturday May 20th 4:06 pm
Narrowsburg PA F&B access water is low, only one small buck in last two days
| | Friday May 19th 7:31 pm
Fished Lambertville today and managed 7 from 6 to 730 then totally shut down.also caught 4 herring all on small silver spoon.Also caught one small striper.a mix of half buck half roe again
Chuck mc | Up north | Friday May 19th 5:58 pm
5 today and 1dink walleye.
| | Friday May 19th 5:38 pm
Fish r all the way up both east and west branch now.they have been catching them on east branch up to and past fish's eddy since the first week of may.
Pete Bodo | NEW YORK | Friday May 19th 1:15 pm
are there shad yet in the East Branch of the Delaware?
Chuck mc | Up north | Thursday May 18th 5:20 pm
5 today. Water low and clear. No sign of spawning activity yet. In the rapids.
Duke E Smith | Bethlehem | Thursday May 18th 10:00 am
Last trip on the lower river caught 3 2 roe one buck on small darts .missed 2 more.all action from 6 to 730 then died completely.
DaShadMaster | DuPont | Wednesday May 17th 8:19 pm
Any news from Narrowsburg Pa Access Site?
Chuck Mc | Up north. | Tuesday May 16th 5:49 pm
Decent day today. Caught 17 up north plus 1 double.
Duke Smith | Bethlehem | Tuesday May 16th 11:37 am
Jim fish r being caught all the way up in the neversink.and way up east and west branch.should be good up there.when I was younger and more gung ho I chased them up to the top of both branches until the 4th of July.good luck .
| | Tuesday May 16th 8:51 am
Only had a short time to fish Lambertville this am today small gold spoon worked better than silver . Caught on buck on silver one buck and 3 small roe on gold still hitting when I left at 7 am.also stripers are here chasing shad and herring around.might have another week down here .
Jim Rozas | Staten Island,NY | Monday May 15th 12:20 pm
Hello all, Does anyone know if the shad are in the Lordville area yet. Will be up there the next few days. TY, Jim
| | Sunday May 14th 8:32 am
Caught 5 this am at Lambertville on my new favorite small silver spoon plus one nice walleye.3 small roe and 2 the last few times shut down at 730.
RPS | Greeley Pa. | Saturday May 13th 7:57 pm
Fished Zane Grey from shore 4:30 - 6:30 pm caught 2 shad had 2 hit that didn't hook up. Water temp. was 64 deg.
Pete Bodo | NEW YORK | Saturday May 13th 6:20 pm
just wondering how high up on the Delaware the shad are on at this time, May 13
Chuck Mc | Up north. | Saturday May 13th 5:52 pm
Another 9 today. According to my Shad journal from last year the best is yet to come. Managed to catch 225 Shad between May 15 and June 3rd. We shall see how that plays out.
Rob Wright | North of dingmans | Friday May 12th 9:13 pm
Another good evening on the river. Took a non believer fishing, who is now a believer. Boated 38, lost many. Water temp 63, plenty of debris, river still up, clarity getting better. Contrary to many, I think this is a terrific run this year.