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KennyP | Tristate area | Saturday April 9th 1:37 pm
I wonder how much debris is going to be left behind as the river starts to recede, I've fished a few times after high water and found it very difficult to walk along the shore due to mud / silt, then occasional tree limbs snagging my gear. I hope things settle off and we have a good end of April and an awesome May.
Dennis Scholl | Hellertown | Saturday April 9th 8:26 am
118,000 cfs at 8:30 on 4/9 versus 10,700 cfs a year ago on same date. Minor flood stage. Not what everyone wanted to see happen but the fish will survive and perhaps benefit from this high-water event. Once the water starts receding, they'll be found up and down the river.
Whitetail | Shohola | Friday April 8th 9:12 pm
another half inch tomorrow maybe next weekend
RPS | Greeley | Friday April 8th 8:47 am
Zane Grey Launch and lower parking area are under 4' of water. The fish comm. sign at the lower parking area only has about 6" showing.
Joseph C. | Phoenixville & Princeton | Friday April 8th 8:43 am
I just looked at the Schuylkill's discharge rate changes: 3,300 on Wednesday, 37,800 peak this morning. Wow!
Joseph C. | Phoenixville & Princeton | Friday April 8th 8:35 am
"I'm going to check on the Raritan Bay for stripers" ...It was a successful scouting trip. I have never caught a Raritan Bay Striper except for when I was out on the Hook. I have tons to learn and I've noticed that it is better to go look for myself than to ask for spots. Not that I would turn down any friendly recommendations. ...Next week's weather forecast gives me hope that the Rivers will be fishable reasonably soon!
Dennis Scholl | Hellertown | Friday April 8th 7:41 am
Wow, river running almost 60,000 more cfs than last year at this time. Rain, rain, go away.
| | Friday April 8th 2:14 am
JOSEPH C. Sometimes excessive fresh water flowing into the bay upsets the fishing by driving out the bait.
Joseph C. | Phoenixville & Princeton | Wednesday April 6th 10:05 am
I'm going to check on the Raritan Bay for stripers.
Dennis Scholl | Hellertown | Wednesday April 6th 10:04 am
Then again, looking at that pic and the milt leaking out of the anal cavity, it's a big buck. But, like I said, 6-pound roe were common. So were bigger buck.
Dennis Scholl | Hellertown | Wednesday April 6th 10:00 am
Can't recall when my dad caught this fish, probably sometime in the late '80s. It's about a 6+-pound roe, which were fairly common back then. His best was a 9 lb. 4-ounce roe that wasn't extremely long, maybe 24-25 inches, but was so loaded with eggs it's incredible it could swim. I believe this pic was taken by Tom Fegely of the Morning Call. May both men rest in peace. My dad would have been 103 years old this past January. Memories.
Dennis Scholl | Hellertown | Wednesday April 6th 9:50 am
My, my, my, looks like the river is going to be high, high, high. Fish will enter from the bay and spread out unscathed. Good for them. Enjoy these runs while you can.
charlie 1st | below easton | Tuesday April 5th 8:10 pm
We did well today dispite the debris and low water temps with our poor man's downriggers, landed about 20 or so. Many large roe, some of the biggest I've every caught and feisty buck shad jumping and acrobatics. We got about 50 or so this yr. since march 11th when we first started targeting shad.
deefed | Easton | Tuesday April 5th 9:53 am
Fished the easton area yesterday. River is still full of debris. Fished for 2 1/2 hours. No hits no fish. Once water warms a bit i think it will be good. Has anyone else have any fishing reports?
Dwayne Kreps | Allentown | Sunday April 3rd 10:52 pm
Delaware River in Easton Pa
Can't say - You know my spots | | Sunday April 3rd 12:20 pm
Picked 5 Friday right after the rain. Temp rose 6 degrees from the rain. Water was pretty dirty but found a spot with cleaner water. Fish were large very aggressive Earlys exploding and jumping several times when hooked. You can catch them in any conditions if you know how to target them - water temp, level, location, location, location. My mistake was I got a late start. If I had gotten there earlier before the temp started dropping, I could have caught till my arms were sore.
| | Sunday April 3rd 10:14 am
The Delaware is a muddy mess now and by the end of the week with all the rain a raging muddy mess. It may be another week until it becomes fishable.
| | Saturday April 2nd 6:20 pm
Is anybody catching shad this week?
Al Sapidissima | | Saturday April 2nd 8:22 am
Whitetail: It's refreshing to have a respectful discussion! I appreciate your perspective, and I'm sorry your experience with the Park Service has been negative. I guess all federal bureaucracies have their issues with budgets and dealing with different administrations. A good friend of mine works for the National Park Service (not Delaware Water Gap or Upper Delaware), and frequently complains about this. BTW: he is an extremely dedicated angler and outdoorsman. He was not familiar with this proposal, but he did note that most eastern parks administered by the NPS adopt the regulations of the state they’re located within. I'm guessing that if this proposal moves forward there would be a public comment period where us shad fishers can sound off... OK -- time to go fishing!
Whitetail | Shohola | Friday April 1st 7:07 pm
Al I respect your view However, Our community has dealt with the park service since the Upper Delaware Plan was created. In the beginning they were cooperative and worked with the towns along the river. They provided funds for police, cleanup and other things. Now years later they cut out the money and have not held to their side of the agreement. It is an adversarial arrangement now. Like all beauracracies The Park Service is more interested in power and control than working with citizens. It is critical to restrict the park services power as much as possible. Deeds not words should be the watchword with the NPS
Smelz Robensing | Allentown Pa | Friday April 1st 12:32 pm
Are they catching shad in the Easton area now? 4/1/22
| | Friday April 1st 10:28 am
THE park service already informed us of their plan to charge admission fees, which was delayed by the pandemic, so the fee issue is assured whether it remains a recreation area or is "elevated" to park status. My main concern is access on State lands they plan to confiscate. Anglers now have parking privileges at Worthington during shad season. I doubt they will be extended under federal ownership unless some kind of legal action is possible to assure them. What I have noticed most about park service control is a reduction of access especially for the elderly. The area is treated as though wildlife and wilderness are the main goals, instead of recreation. The generation that paid for the land are relegated to minimal access. Many of the original access roads are closed off and are becoming too overgrown except for the most vigorous users. Instead, the once promised canoe launch / river access on every major pool faded into the sunset.
Boomer 65 | Branchville,NJ | Friday April 1st 9:42 am
Whitetail is spot on, the Serria club is as anti as it gets. The only thing park statis will get is more ridiculous regulations, expensive permits and less available use. Commercialization of one of the last great open areas in the tri state region is not in everyone's best interest only those with an agenda. The number of ramps and parking areas that the areas has already has served folks who hunt and fish here since the big government land grab.
Under the Radar | Piscataway | Friday April 1st 8:12 am
Very well stated Whitetail. Everyone should know by now it's the end game. It's like eating. I'll pick a little at this, pick a little at that. Ooops! There isn't anything left!
Al Sapidissima | | Friday April 1st 7:32 am
FYI: Hunting and fishing is allowed in many national parks. For example, you can hunt for elk in Grand Teton National Park, and Yellowstone N.P. has some of the best trout fishing in the world. National Park designation would prob earmark more federal monies for infrastructure improvement (e.g. parking lots, bathrooms, launch ramps), which we all know some parts of the current National Recreation Area desperately needs. Also habitat and trail improvements, invasive species removal, study of wildlife, etc. Just saying there could be a positive upside of this. Worth researching before one dismisses it.
Whitetail | Shohola | Friday April 1st 7:08 am
Everyone should be concerned about the plan to designate the Middle Delaware a national park. If the NPS has it's way Hunting and Fishing will end eventually and access to the area for any reason will be severely curtailed. In addition The park service will set it's sights on the Upper Delaware and with the current extremist congress attempt to do away with the current plan which preserves local control and private property. The sad truth is the current representatives and senators from NY, PA and NJ are in bed with extreme enviros and government bureaucrats. They could care less about private property and our traditions. Support those who oppose the park sevice agenda
RCN | Hainesville | Thursday March 31st 12:29 pm
Joseph C. The original project was a dam for flood control with the surrounding land in NJ & PA to be a recreation area under control by the Corp of Engineers. After years of aquiring and comdeming property, the control of the land was given to the NPS to manage after political and grass root protests changed the Corps mind. Also a better engineering study showed Tocks Is. not to be a great site for a dam with a 35 mile resevoir behind it. The US Govt wasn't giving back the land.
rfas | | Thursday March 31st 11:58 am
I must have been dreaming about when Art Lupine showed me two hickory shad caught in the Paulinskill all those years ago.
| | Thursday March 31st 10:25 am
In recent years, fisheries biologists electrofished the Paulinskill River below the Columbia Dam to determine the fish population. The dam was slated to be and was ultimately removed. They collected: American Shad, Blueback Herring, Gizzard Shad. No Hickory Shad were collected. rfas,....I think I will rely on what fisheries biologists tell me, and not you.
Joseph C. | Phoenixville & Princeton | Thursday March 31st 7:53 am
Wasn't the original plan under which they Imminent Domained the whole park together was to put up a dam for hydro power?
RCN | Hainesville | Wednesday March 30th 6:13 pm
Its already a national recreation area. An ex superintendant and the "club" would like to make it a national park with a preserve within the boundaries for hunting and fishing. The big question is who and where the preserve would be located.
Under the Radar | Piscataway | Wednesday March 30th 4:50 pm
OK! So how many guys out there have heard about the tree huggin' Sierra Club wanting to designate the Water Gap as a National Recreation area. Along with that means most hunting and fishing goes bye bye. Are you Biden voters feeling any remorse yet?
rfas | | Wednesday March 30th 3:23 pm
I once told a fisheries biologist not to believe everything they read in the reports at the lab because the fish do not read them and do whatever they feel like doing. Alewives were once very common as far upriver as Dingman's. Never saw a blueback upriver. Hickory shad have been spawning in the Paulinkill for over 30 years. Americans have also been caught in the Willowemoc. The first rule of science is "Never ever accept as fact, that which is only theory." Everyone knows how often the "accepted" prevailing knowledge changes. The first rule of biology is "Biology is not an exact science. (like chemistry or physics)." Too many variables.
HERBIE WEAVER | Henryville | Wednesday March 30th 3:22 pm
ArtieW | Pike County | Wednesday March 30th 12:37 pm
Back in the ‘70’s, my buddies and I used to fish for herring with gold hooks, or small darts in the Raritan. It was a hoot on very light tackle. By the 80’s, we were hitting the Delaware for shad, camping for a week the first week of May. I only missed the last year or two due to medical issues, but I’m ready to roar back in!
JeffK | Hillsborough | Wednesday March 30th 11:19 am
In the 70's I used to fish for blueback herring at the Trenton wharf and it was a blast. Funny story, one guy came down with a couple of buckets and a 6" 3 pronged grapnel tied to a rope. We all laughed and asked him what he planned on catching. We stopped laughing when he started pulling up logs with snagged tackle on it. He filled a better part of one bucket with sinkers and the other with hooks and shad darts. As a kid, people caught some in the tiny trickles coming into the Delaware around Kintnersville. I have seen hickory shad all the way up to DeBruce on the Willowemoc. They only get that far one in seven years or so, but it is amazing to see them that far up.
| | Wednesday March 30th 10:28 am
Joseph C. | Phoenixville & Princeton | Wednesday March 30th 7:36 am
The Delaware's at 41F this morning. It's going to take a day or 2 of good sunshine to warm the rivers up. Sigh... ...Thanks, Anonymous, for the history. I came to the Shad fishing late in the game.
| | Tuesday March 29th 10:36 am
Way back when, mid-March, Trenton anglers in the warmwater effluent would be "Pickin' at 'em at the power plant" - Art Lupine, NJDF&W (RIP). Similarly, at the Portland Power Plant. Both plants are now shut down. When the Lewis Shad Fishery, Lambertville started catching herring, it was a signal that the American Shad run was winding down. In the past, when herring were more abundant, they would switch to larger mesh nets, enabling the smaller herring to pass through. In recent years, Lewis has caught fewer, or no herring. Predation by the surging Striped Bass population and commercial/recreational catches have decimated the east coast herring populations, resulting in the current moratorium on harvesting herring. Prior to, anglers would catch herring on gold hooks at The Old Wharf, Trenton. Way back when, people would consume them. More recently, anglers would live line them for Striped Bass. Others would transport them alive, in tanks, to the Jersey Shore and sell them to surf anglers. The herring spawning in upper river are Bluebacks. Alewife Herring and Hickory Shad spawn in the lower river and its tributaries. species - Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (
| | Tuesday March 29th 8:12 am
Hi Eli. We've been blessed with a variety of shad species. Blueback Herring are small cousins of American and Hickory Shad. They max out at about 16". They are famous among older guys on the Delaware as bait for stripers. The old European guys saw them as delicious food fish for pickling or sandwiches. These days even looking like you're trying to catch one will get you a citation. Both Herring and Hickory Shad are protected species in the Delaware watershed. You can catch both when beach fishing for stripers with metal and teaser in the fall. HICKORY Shad get confused with American pretty often. Sometimes they run thick where I fish in the Delaware and the Schuylkill, with catches of 20 or 30 fish not unusual. In the Susquehanna and farther south I've heard of people catching them by the hundred. You can usually tell you've hooked one because they tend to jump like crazy when you first hook them while the majority of American Shad dig into the current and only jump a few times if at all. Looking at a Hickory, the easiest physical distinction is their lower jaw overbite. Look them up on the web and you can get pictures and pointers.
Eli wisor | Easton | Tuesday March 29th 6:47 am
Hey I’ve been fishing the Delaware for shad for about 2 years now and I keep hearing people talk about herring but I have never seen one caught so 3 questions 1.are herring just shad or are they different 2. Do people catch herring often if their own different fish species do you identify the difference in a shad and in a herring
Dennis Scholl | Hellertown | Monday March 28th 2:12 pm
The other item that will be in the classifieds.
Dennis Scholl | Hellertown | Monday March 28th 2:11 pm
Shameless commercial advertisement. Check the classifieds later tonight or tomorrow (or Wednesday) for the items in the two attached pics.
RPS | Greeley | Monday March 28th 1:17 pm
Gene I think the shad are already here the water temp. just has to get into the upper 40's to turn them on. I fished Zane Gery last week when the water temp. was 47 caught 3 fall fish.
| | Monday March 28th 1:16 pm
GENE/SHOHOLA When counts were being made at Lambertville, 40 -50% of the fish counted passed that point in mid April. Although in one consistently stormy winter and spring season, that was postponed until April 25. Although some shad wander (Shad stocked in Sacramento R. CA have populated rivers into Alaska and even across to Asia, according to latest studies.) the vast majority of shad will return to natal river regardless of conditions. This cold snap will probably have no effect on the run but will reduce early catches for most of us.
| | Monday March 28th 11:38 am
the fish swim upriver regardless of temp. they just are not very aggressive until the river warms.
Gene | Shohola (Pike County) PA | Monday March 28th 10:29 am
We have a dusting of snow on the ground and low 20's for temps her in the upper Del Riv Watershed. What are thoughts on what this will mean for the migration? Do you think it will just be delayed, or will the swimmers pick a different bay? Does anyone have a past experience with the effect of "later spring cold" on the shad run? Belvidere Gage reads 42 and falling, 45 miles upriver Montague Gage reads 39 and falling... thanks!
| | Monday March 28th 8:01 am
Thanks for the depth info. Yes, A little bad luck or a moment's inattention will cost one a rig very quickly there at Trenton. For that matter, it's the same most places I fish. I tried 6# braid to get some extra casting distance and changed back to 10# because of all the rigs I lost. It also seemed to wind knot much more often. With 10# I can still cast just fine and can pull hard enough to bend a hook to free a rig most times. What line do other folks favor?.. .. .. I saw schools of River Herring swirling in the Schuylkill below the Fairmount Dam 2 weeks ago. They'll be there and running up the Delaware until at least the next full moon.
Russ F | WashX PA | Sunday March 27th 9:15 pm
Joseph C, depth below train bridge ranges 16-24ft depending on tide and river level. (From boat a couple of pilings off the bank.
Ralph K | Hamilton | Sunday March 27th 7:55 pm
Joseph C., I know it's about a 8 ft tide swing at the train bridge. I've fished off the first piling at low tide but that water is quite deep just downstream. Next time I go I'll bring my portable fish finder (Vexilar) and get a reading. I know there is a nasty snag down there where I've lost a few of Rusty's darts.. One day we'll have to meet up.