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Twins | | Wednesday May 4th 8:48 am
@ Tony Yeah shad have been catch and release for decades, they have never closed it to targeting shad, closed to targeting rock yes, but never shad.
Robert Wright | North of dingmans fished from 1pm to boated | Tuesday May 3rd 8:53 pm
Fished from 1230 to 630. Boated 26 lost 1. Temp 55, water clarity good, minimal wind.
RPS | Greeley | Tuesday May 3rd 7:43 pm
Fished Zane Grey 3:30-6 tonight hooked and landed 6 water temp. 54 deg.
Rcrusty | Lancaster, Pa. | Tuesday May 3rd 1:39 pm
Check it out.
Rcrusty | Lancaster, Pa. | Tuesday May 3rd 1:36 pm
I stand corrected the signs at Conowingo read no entry not no trespassing.
Rcrusty | Lancasrer,Pa. | Tuesday May 3rd 1:12 pm
Must have gotten some bad information on the shad in the Susquehanna. No closed seasons in the last 20 years that I know of. The location of the old bridge piers is at least a half mile down river from Deer Creek.However the lovely folks at Excelon have posted no trespassing signs on the gate to the trail down river from the parking lot. Avian bird flu.
TONY | stevens,pa | Tuesday May 3rd 12:16 pm
TWINS catch and release has been the rule on the susquehanna for close to 20 years. We used to put a small boat in at Port Deposit and motor upriver to the old bridge pilings past mouth of Deer creek and drop anchor and cast darts for the.You had to release every american and hickory caught because Md DNR said the shad run was getting smaller every year.2 years ago it was NO targegeting shad at all,that si why i was suprised they opened it to Cand r only this year.
| | Tuesday May 3rd 11:11 am
I recall NJDF&W contracting Lewis, Lambertville to net them. The shad were placed in a circular pool with circulating pumps, the shad swimming in the circular current. Grabbed individually by hand the shad were stabbed, near the dorsal fin, with a spaghetti tag. Often it was stab -"miss", stab - "miss", and on,...until a tag was finally anchored in the flesh. Many of the shad released were partially descaled from the net / handling. Some swam away upstream,....some lay still on the bottom of the river,.......others became "down-runners": captured downstream,..never having reached their spawning grounds. Who knows, perhaps all the well-meaning catch & release angling over the years is having a similar traumatic effect. 30 shad / day, many does one have to catch in order to be satisfied? A. Shad are fragile fish. From the egg stage to adult, every predator is after them.
ShadHarris | Poxono | Monday May 2nd 9:55 pm
Saddens me to say it’s been a week since I have seen any significant body of fish move through this area. 5 in two hours last night and only 3 in two hours tonight. Just seems like a barren wasteland most casts in a historically very productive section. At least the 3 I landed were nice Roe over 4# and all 3 had 4-5 bucks following. The few fish that were there wanted to strike. That’s all I can say. Could not ask for better air temp, lack of wind, water clarity, depth and water temps, as well as time of year. Should be 30 not 3 but seeing the 4’ +++ Musky hovering near me was extra cool.
RPS | Greeley | Sunday May 1st 8:34 pm
Fished Zane Grey from shore tonight 3:30-5:30 hooked 3 landed 0 water temp. 53 deg. There were about 10 guys fishing and I only saw 1 shad landed and about 6 hooked and not landed. At lest the wind wasn't bad tonight.
Robert Wright | Montague | Sunday May 1st 8:15 pm
Fished north of dingmans from 1pm to 630pm, boated 32, lost over a dozen.water temp 51 to 53. Clarity ok getting better, river dropping. Moderate wind.
Duke Smith | Bethlehem | Sunday May 1st 1:26 pm
Fished easton 7 to 10 caught 0 saw 1 or 2 caught.went south below Stockton caught 11 out of 14 all buck 1 to 3 pounds.good action for an hour then it shut down.
Boomer65 | Branchville, NJ | Sunday May 1st 8:41 am
Fished from Dingman's to the first Island yesterday. Anchored and trolled with darts & spoons nothing, very few fish marked. Water temp stayed at 51. Talked to a number of boats coming back in and all had the same report. The rain coming in this week may change things as the temps are supposed to be in the 60's
| | Saturday April 30th 10:47 pm
ShadHarris- Agree with you on the early runners as in the past I have caught fish the last week in Feb at the now gone Trenton Power plant, In my experience the main run always came through the lower river in mid April, but his year the fish have been far and few between down my end!
ShadHarris | | Saturday April 30th 10:31 pm
Dave D, well aware of the 80's since I was fishing it most days and weighed shad up to 9.5 lbs but even 4 years ago, was putting up amazing "numbers" but smaller fish than the 80's. Same spot I anchored today, netted 34 in the afternoon last sunday but the water was 1 degree warmer, but do not think temp was the issue, there is a gap between the early runners and the main run which some are enjoying much further south.
Dave D | NJ | Saturday April 30th 10:10 pm
ShadHarris- Not sure what you are perplexed about, the fish just are not there the way they used to be. Yeah I know that sometimes some people might find a school and have a decent day, but I Remember how it used to be back in the late 80’s when you could catch them all day long and get into to some 7 & 8 lb roes. it hasn’t been that way for over 20 years! Some might theorize that fish populations are cyclic others may argue that it is due to mismanagement! You be the judge!
ShadHarris | N of Gap | Saturday April 30th 9:35 pm
Very slow afternoon - water temps 50-51 and warming, fished 2-5:30. Nobody and I mean NOBODY was catching. We had a brief 30 minute flurry where we banged 5 shad in the middle of that session and boat next to me got 3. Shore line stacked with fishermen nobody catching. Ran boat upsteam at 5:30 to a deep hole and my son nailed a 8# channel cat was the highlight. Had a buddy fishing up by dingmans and he said it was dead all over only got 2 shad and 2 smallmouth. Was marking very few fish, when I started marking I caught them and I was in a very very narrow channel they have to swim through. This should have been a 60 shad trip and I am perplexed. Not even remotely motivated to go out in the morning, need a body of fish to move in.
Robert Wright | Montague | Saturday April 30th 7:48 pm
Fished north of dingmans from 1230 to 630. Boated 31, lost over a dozen. Some wind, water receding, temp between 48 and 51. Clarity ok. Wind a pain in the ass. Going out tomorrow around 1pm, reportedly little to no wind.
Phil M. | Sandyston | Saturday April 30th 12:43 pm
Fished 25 miles north of Port Jervis from 4pm to 7pm yesterday, with waders. Relentless high winds. Hooked only one shad and thank goodness I landed it. Then fished til 8pm for regular game fish: nothing. Hard to know what your dart is doing when you jig it and most of the action just pulls slack out of your line, with the high wind. Tough day.
| | Friday April 29th 9:43 pm
Tough night just N of gap. My buddy and I each got 2 from shore. Water was barely 49-50 on my mercury thermometer. It was windy at times but conditions felt like it should have easily been a 20+++ shad a person session between 3:30 and 6pm but the fish said otherwise. I think 3 days of chilling falling temps took its toll. But wtf do I know ?
Joseph C. | Phoenixville & Princeton | Thursday April 28th 7:11 am
Down here at the southern end of the shad run it's been clunking along. I had a 35 minute window to fish at the bridge in Trenton yesterday and caught 2 bucks. My bud Rob C. was there when I got there and he found the herring to be hitting his spoon every cast ...until they stopped, which was exactly as I hooked my 1st shad. I'm one of the only guys to fish darts there and I do as well as any of the regulars who fish their flutter spoons. I think I also lose about half as many rigs. The guy next to me fishing chunk bait landed a nice striper, the first I've actually seen caught there.
Robert Wright | North of dingmans | Wednesday April 27th 6:36 pm
Fished from 10 noon to 5pm. Boated 41, lost several. Water temp 51, clarity getting better, falling rivet, horrendous wind.
RPS | Greeley | Wednesday April 27th 6:27 pm
The water temp. yesterday was just over 52 deg, tonight it's 49 deg. and going to keep dropping for two more days. That will shut us down at Zane Grey for a while. Hope conditions next week improve.
BB | NY | Wednesday April 27th 3:28 pm
Has any one fished by Belvidere bridge from shore lately?
Twins | | Wednesday April 27th 2:38 pm
@ Tony No, WOOFISH used to be a great resource, but he passed away. You could check Tidalfish (Chesapeake Forum), but that is mainly a Rock forum. I can tell you Conowingo has been muddy and cold, but if you find a pocket you can get into fish. Call the hotline (not spill #) and if it's over 70k don't bother. What do you mean by catch and release?
deefed | Worthington State Park | Wednesday April 27th 1:25 pm
Fished Worthington on Monday for 7 hours. Two other people on the river and two boats nearby. Other than the 1 fish I caught there was only one that I saw caught on the boat nearby. When I spoke with the others fishing from the bank when I was leaving thay had been there as long as I was and neither even had a hit. So far not a good year.
Tony | Stevens,pa | Wednesday April 27th 11:45 am
Any one know of a good website or source for up to date shad on the lower Susquehanna. I am suprised that the catch and release was opened this year
Duke Smith | Bethlehem | Wednesday April 27th 10:56 am
First time out.river high cloudy cold.fished Stockton area from shore from 7 to 1030.tried darts and spoons nothing.then put on quarter ounce walleye jig and hooked what I thought was a big walleye turned out to be big shad.spit jig at my feet.then I had several follows on darts but no hits.water needs to warm up hopefully will drop and warm up for next week.
| | Wednesday April 27th 10:22 am
In my previous post about the difficulty of correlating runs based on past runs I forgot another major factor. The shad being broadcast spawners have developed as a population whereby the ratio of two thirds males to one third females is the most successful for survival of the species. So, for first time spawners, the females are 1/3 of the spawn from one year and the males are 2/3 of the spawn from the following year.
Joseph C. | Phoenixville & Princeton | Wednesday April 27th 8:51 am
Got in an hour at the river in Trenton yesterday early afternoon. Caught 2 on darts fishing pretty hard. It was just starting to get active as I had to leave.
Richard Fasanello | | Wednesday April 27th 12:07 am
The multi-state study of the D.R. revealed several factors governing the make up of the run that complicate trying to correlate run numbers with past spawns. 1; 80% of first time female spawners are from a certain year. 2; 80% of first time males are from the following year. They spend a year less feeding at sea than the females, hence are smaller. 3; 10% of first time spawners of both genders spend a year less at sea than the 80% bulk and 10% spend a year longer than the 80% bulk. Then there are repeat spawners to add to the mix. They may be UP TO 30% of the run but our current situation seems to be an extremely low %.
RPS | Greeley | Tuesday April 26th 7:54 pm
Fished Zane Grey tonight 3:30- 6 caught 6 shad had twice as many hits that didn't hook up fished from shore double darts. Water temp, 52.52 deg. finally no wind tonight.
Robert Wright | North of dingmans | Tuesday April 26th 6:21 pm
I have a theory. Five years ago we had an excellent run. I think that because of this large run, more shad (minnows) could have survived the return journey. Now five years later, the "minnows " are returning. I'm no expert but just a theory for a banner run.
ShadHarris | | Tuesday April 26th 2:04 pm
Sorry I meant “Rob W”
ShadHarris | | Tuesday April 26th 11:48 am
Great report Rob M. I figured very soon the bite would explode at Dingman’s or my fave spot eshback , water just about down enough at Eshback to launch. A bit late this year but good to get confirmation a large body of fish are where they should be this time of year. Been about 3-4 years since I have seen action like that. Well done!
Joseph C. | Phoenixville & Princeton | Tuesday April 26th 7:22 am
I don't understand how such things can be, but I stopped at the Schuylkill yesterday afternoon expecting a pleasant couple hours of catching and only got an exhausting, long spell with nothing. I finally hooked a nice shad, fought it in close enough to see the beautiful lilac color, and it spit the dart back at me. That was it. I left humbled and my arm was sore. Pfah!
Mike Ferraro | West Chester pa | Monday April 25th 8:26 pm
Fished an hour in the Octoraro in Maryland today. Got a dozen nice sized hickory on flutter spoons and flies. Did not try Deer creek.
Robert Wright | North of dingmans fished from 1pm to boated | Monday April 25th 8:13 pm
Fished from 1230 to 1800. Best day in years Several triples, numerous doubles, large roe some bucks .Boated 61, lost over a dozen, and had numerous bumps. Water temp 51, no debris, windy, water clarity minimal..
RPS | Greeley | Monday April 25th 8:09 pm
Fished Zane Grey 3:30-6 pm tonight hooked 5 landed 4 and one fall fish water temp. 52 deg. From shore double dart rig.
whitetail | Shohola | Monday April 25th 7:42 pm
Well finally action three this morning 7:30 to 8:30 Nine This evening 5 to 7 had number of bumps misses and let go's too. Water height good and temp rising and just as I thought we're out of the woods a nasty cold snap coming with some rain and high winds so that'll mess it up for awhile. Gene I imagine they still go up the lackawaxen. Years ago I caught a couple there fishing for trout with a silver spinner
Gene | Shohola | Monday April 25th 6:08 pm
Will the shad run up the Lackawaxen? temps look good in there based on the stream gages. Also, can you catch these guys from bridges? I remember tons of people hanging off the Port Jervis bridge for them in the 80's. Looking to hit Zane Gray tomorrow, it looks like we will finally be in a good temperature range
Joseph C. | Phoenixville & Princeton | Monday April 25th 11:03 am
Shadharris, I feel for you! You certainly put in the effort.
Shadharris | Gap area | Monday April 25th 8:38 am
It was as a grueling four days of tournament fishing with very cold high fast water. Zero Thursday. 2 wading Friday morning. 3 Friday afternoon. 3 Saturday morning and lost what would have been a big money fish as it leaped by my waders and spit the dart. Then picked up my repaired motor and only got 5 from boat Saturday afternoon. 5 wading Sunday morning. Then finally the action broke open as the water hit 51 Sunday afternoon and took boat and netted 34. Not a single shad over 4 lbs entire tournament but as I said lost one well over 5 lbs.
TeamToothy | Easton | Monday April 25th 8:16 am
Fished the high water yesterday. Got 3 on dart.
RPS | Greeley | Monday April 25th 5:24 am
If Tuesday and Wednesdays weather stays below 50 in the day and 32 at night it going to shut them down again and on top of that more rain.
KennyP | Delaware River - Tri State Monument | Sunday April 24th 8:16 pm
Hopefully the action picks up this week, I'm aiming for Friday (day off)
RPS | Greeley | Sunday April 24th 7:52 pm
Fished Zane Grey from shore 3-6 tonight hooked 5 landed 4 plus 2 fall fish. Windy water temp, 52 deg. Shad were caught on double dart rig.
JPC | Sunbury pa | Sunday April 24th 5:47 pm
Want from Milford down to about 10 miles south of route 80 today did not see a shad being caught. Will try again Tuesday
Joseph C. | Phoenixville, PA / Ewing, NJ | Sunday April 24th 1:41 pm
!I caught the sunrise at the Schuylkill this morning. Glorious! The tide was approaching full, making it a bit tricky to find footing / space for my back cast. The Hickories were happy to play and I caught 9 before my 1st American. I ended the morning with 10 Hickories and 3 American. I'm a happy guy! Also, the River Herring were swarming along the rocks again today. They are so cool!
Robert Wright | North of dingmans fished from 1pm to | Saturday April 23rd 7:30 pm
Fished from 1pm to 6pm. No fish. River high and stained. Debris and branches in water. Current fast temp 49. Will try again again Monday.