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RUSTY BALLS | | Tuesday April 20th 5:56 am
ShadHarris | Warren County | Monday April 19th 9:31 pm
Beautiful night on the river. Two rainbows to the North. Narrowly avoided the rain. Started 5pm, landed 3 on 5 casts right off the bat then got slow. All on small green chartreuse 1/32 ounce. Then my buddy got hot with a Dave's Blade spoon. Weather was windy, cold and cloudy with rain all around. Then it got real nice. Blue skies and bright sun until the sun went under the trees. We both landed 7each , mostly roe to 5 lbs but nothing bigger. So compared to yesterday in boat in same general area when we did 11 in 3 hours, 6 rods in boat - we did 14 in 2.5 hours with one rod each. Still not good shad fishing by my standards but this is what the run has become for us - 2017 being the peak when it was nothing to get 30 each or more on a night like tonight in same, perfect conditions.
Carl Spatz | | Monday April 19th 8:58 pm
I'm looking to start an annual Carl Spatz shad Tournement. Anyone interested? The only rule would be that W.G. and Joseph C would need someone counting there fish. Everyone. Else would be on there honor. Let me.know.
RPS | Greeley Pa. | Monday April 19th 7:44 pm
Fished Zane Grey tonight from shore water temp. 51 deg. landed 5 lost 3 still lots of snot in water had to clean darts almost every cast.
Riverwolf | Coopersburg | Monday April 19th 7:19 pm
River stage 5.3....Water temp 53.....River low and clear but cold......Fish channels and current breaks...spotty catches from Lambertville to above the water gap.....Shore anglers find that channel.....Remember to wear pfds on boats less than 16ft.....It's the law....
Mark B. | | Monday April 19th 12:47 pm
"Remember when the NJ fish abd wikdlife round START to put acoustical instruments on the new hope bridge Around the first of May??? " The biologists weren't that dumb. The hydroacoustic equipment was installed mid-March and removed the at the end of May.
| | Monday April 19th 12:24 pm
Didn't we go through this a couple of weeks ago Dennis? You hoppin back on the Carl train?...Lol
ShadHarris | near Shawnee | Monday April 19th 7:41 am
boat trip 2-5 PM Sunday 4/18. Started with a triple header all landed, then a double. Then it clouded over and a cold wind, and became a very slow pick adding 6 more. Dropped about 8 other hits. Was getting very bad reports up by Smithfield. Water temp was 50.6. Was marking more fish than those that were willing to bite. Spoons - useless. Small bright green chartreuse darts and a few on small hot pink heads were all they wanted. (1/32 ounce size - lead not tin).
Joseph C. | Phoenixville | Monday April 19th 7:26 am
Saturday morning at dawn was a skunk fest. I realized that night time temps in the low 40's will result in a case of lockjaw the next morning........... So I took that knowledge and hit the river at about 6:00 on Sunday PM. It was fish on the first cast and I ended up with 15 or 16 by the time I left at 7:30. I was surprised at how firmly the bite shut down as soon as the sun was off the water. I've caught fish into dusk when it was warmer. I was catching on double dart rigs except for when I lost my bottom dart a few times and just threw the one. I did fine with that, too. Bright colors produced and the bigger fish all seemed to be from the deepest water. ..... ..WG, missed ya. Good to see your posts. Great news that the fish are in the rivers earlier than we knew!
KennyP | Dingmans Ferry | Monday April 19th 6:34 am
Hit the river yesterday Sunday 4/18 between 1 - 5pm @ Namanock site, dead river, only 1 fisherman in a boat and he was circling around (assuming he was locating with a finder) but no action, maybe the weather this past week slowed things down a bit, hopefully theres an uptick. First time ever shad fishing, didnt get a hit, but it was still nice to spend the day outside, casting and being in the water.
WG | | Sunday April 18th 8:27 pm
@Shadspoon- I fish there almost every day.... have I met you down there? What’s your email address? I can give you some direction down there if you want
Shadspoon | MALVERN PA | Sunday April 18th 4:49 pm
WG, I also miss the Woofish site and then man. We are all here for a visit and should make the best of it. I fish below Conowingo. I also remember the good years. Last week I caught my first hickory in the lower river. I hope to do better this week. A few trips to Easton after. Just glad I saw the good days below Conowingo! I still smile thinking of the past trips. And, they started in March!
WG | | Sunday April 18th 3:59 pm
Remember when the NJ fish abd wikdlife round START to put acoustical instruments on the new hope bridge Around the first of May??? How many hundreds of thousands of shad were NOT counted in those years, grossly underestimating the shad population in the Delaware. Thank God for the old Woofish site and all the new social media sites where actual pictures can prove that shad begin to run the river in late February regardless of water temps and if they are being caught!!! Hopefully the biologists in charge of shad restoration will use this data to help in their restoration! Meanwhile on the Susquehanna river, American shad have been caught for several weeks now but there has been NO operation of the fish lift fo assist them upstream from Conowingo!! The Susquehanna restoration is lost until they START operating the lifts in March so the shad can actually make it far upstream past all dams before water temps get above spawning temps....but hey, what do I know? I’m just a dumb shad fisherman haha
WG | | Sunday April 18th 3:52 pm
Shad have been in Delaware since late February, abd are being caught far north in New York State. These early shad will co to use to migrate as the temps are still cool. Dripping temps and cold fronts make the bite very tough but they are still there! The late running fish hit well in 55 degrees plus and I’m sure they are in the lower River and will push up in the next 2-4 weeks depending on water temps...
Kyle | Pen Argyl | Sunday April 18th 5:59 am
Fished Saturday in harmony area with my son and his buddy ,they got 3 each and lost 4, water temp 44 degrees , caught all fish on downriggers with spoons. Water clear with very little debris, all fish where down deep.
Chiggy | Frackville | Saturday April 17th 5:17 am
Dennis Scholl, I just hit it real good, I also had a new method of fishing which worked better than I had expected, going out today give it another try, also I’ve been on the river since 1960 so I rely on my knowledge, and believe me if I do bad I don’t make up stories.
Riverwolf | Coopersburg | Friday April 16th 5:00 pm
River stage 5.9.....temp being caught in the entire river....lots of fish being netted by Lewis Fishery in Lambertville this week.....tonight's cold might shut down the bite for a few week's weather sounds like great shad fishing weather......good luck all.....
Evan J | Wantage | Friday April 16th 3:21 pm
Going to Milford this weekend for the first time out. Dingman's has always been my go too. Hopefully the Feds will open it up soon.
Joseph C. | Phoenixville | Friday April 16th 2:51 pm
I think I'm going to catch shad as the sun comes up tomorrow. It's going to be a very nice morning. The fish are going to be very cooperative.
Robert Wright | Montague | Friday April 16th 7:28 am
Fished digmans Thursday night. Water temp 54, clarity good, some algae. Caught five between 530 and 7pm.
rusty balls | | Friday April 16th 5:41 am
just a state shad tournament meeting tonight april 16th at 6pm at mannechor in Easton....its also a fishing flea mkt to get your last minute shad supplies
Richar Fasanello | | Thursday April 15th 6:53 pm
DENNIS; Call me. I cannot make long distance calls. I will explain the heavy harvest situation. 908-689-7529.
| | Thursday April 15th 6:50 pm
CS,NY; As of today, the road is open except for the section from Millbrook to the Lower Glen trailhead (where Van Campens brook crosses Old Mine Road) scheduled to open in July if all construction goes as planned. The south section may be accessed at the watergap. The north section may be accessed at Millbrook from Blairstown or from Dingmans or 206.
ShadHarris | | Thursday April 15th 4:52 pm
Dennis - I have seen over 20 shad an hour fishing many, many times going back many years. (both from boat, and from waders). If someone did 35 in 3 hours, it's totally very physically possible. I actually think it's easier from waders. Just lead them to leg, pin them, unhook and cast again and hook right up again. That's the way shad fishing is supposed to be. I have not seen shad that thick since 2017 however.
Dennis Scholl | Hellertown | Thursday April 15th 2:07 pm
to Chiggy; 35 fish in three hours. If you mean you alone landed 35 fish in three hours, that's one shad every 5 minutes. Really? This might top all of the shad stories I've ever heard. Not saying you're fibbin' but that's pretty freaking unbelievable. Were you netting them?
CS | Ny | Thursday April 15th 1:40 pm
Is the road along the river on the jersey side of the gap open?
Robert Wright | Montague | Thursday April 15th 10:37 am
How's the algae today (Thursday) near milford or any area?
Chiggy | Frackville | Thursday April 15th 8:01 am
Spade and Howie, I fished our favorite spot on Tuesday, 35 in 3 hours, get ready
Todd Bally | Barryville | Wednesday April 14th 6:42 pm
Fished from 2-4pm landed a fat roe and 1 buck
charlie 1st | frenchtown to new hope | Wednesday April 14th 6:39 pm
slow fishing today just 2 shad in 2 hrs however the frist shad we caught came in the first 10 mins of fishing was 23.5 INCHES AND I ESTImATE over 5lbs just a beautiful roe shad. the only other one was a small buck.
Robert Wright | Montague | Wednesday April 14th 2:39 pm
Phil, thanks for the news. I will be there pending river conditions. My fishing partner only wants to fish at dingmans.
PC | Beach Lake | Wednesday April 14th 11:04 am
Fished Narrowsburg last night PA boat launch. Fished about an hour around 7:00. Hooked up with two, landed one nice roe.
RPS | Greeley | Tuesday April 13th 8:21 pm
Fished Zane Grey 4 to 5:30 tonight from shore water temp. 53 deg. foul hooked one. A lot of slime in the water it stuck to the darts really bad every cast. I think that's why I didn't get any bites the darts were getting covered before you could really fish them.
whitetail | Shohola | Tuesday April 13th 7:29 pm
8 for 9 tonight couple big roe in mix. Not consistent, but not bad for 2.5 hours. better than last week.
charlie 1st | yardly to frenchtown | Tuesday April 13th 5:25 pm
we got about a dozen this morning in about 2 hrs or so, flat lines with splitshot and f spoons as well as crankbait rigs worked for a mixed bag of roe and buck. grand total so far about 60 fish in 5 on!! Keep it Reel!!!
Phil M. | Sandyston | Tuesday April 13th 4:07 pm
Rob, had occasion to drive by Dingmans today and the parking lot/boat launch area is still closed. I got the same information from the toll collectors as Riverwolf: April 15th, which is a day that rain is called for. Sometimes it's hard to hit the right combo.
Riverwolf | Coopersburg | Tuesday April 13th 8:03 am
I talked with someone from the nps and they said Dingmans was opening 4/15......Some fish to be had up there....River temp 50.....
Robert Wright | Montague | Monday April 12th 10:05 pm
Is dingmans open yet? I seen on Facebook that someone did well there yesterday.
Riverwolf | Coopersburg | Monday April 12th 9:26 pm
River stage 6.1.....water temp 54.....Fishing better in lower river Bucks county and south....small pods moving....main run is yet to come....get out there and catch em up.....
Charles mcquaid | Bushkill | Monday April 12th 7:57 pm
Caught 4 today. Had a few more bumps. They are here just not real active just yet.
TeamToothy | Easton | Monday April 12th 6:31 pm
Joseph C., it’s been tougher by the day with the water levels dropping so fast. Boat guys are doing well but until we get some good rain again I’m working the Martin’s creek area from shore for now. Fish are there, but reaching the channel became too difficult.
Joseph C. | Phoenixville | Monday April 12th 8:53 am
How's shore fishing at Easton lately?
| Phoenixville | Monday April 12th 7:23 am
I was able to do my Sunday evening trip to the Schuylkill yesterday. I thought that I'd hit just about perfect conditions - not too much water, no turbidity, the tide was at its peak, but just about to start running. I got a hit on my 3rd cast and landed a fat roe Hickory. 40, 50 casts later I started to find Hickories again, landing 7 more and 1 river herring. Then the menu changed. After more than 2 hours of focused effort I landed my first American, and I only ended up with 2. No more Hickories. I think that the barometer action subdued the fish activity. There was no reason not to believe the place was as full of fish as it had been lately.
Rusty Balls | | Monday April 12th 5:55 am
Report from Easton on Saturday..fished with Steve from 6-4..caught 17 mixed bucks & roe..slowed way down in the afternoon
George Horvath | Trenton | Sunday April 11th 10:16 pm
The herring arrived at Trenton this evening.
ShadHarris | Gap area | Sunday April 11th 6:09 pm
Gap report - boat today, waders yesterday morning. Yesterday my buddy and I waded NJ side in the park for 2.5 hours, and I landed 6 with over 10 hits, and my shad buddy got 9 and as many bumps. One other angler, and he got a few as we left. Fly rod guy coming down the bank as I left. We headed up there this morning with boat same area and anchored in all the usual best spots to anchor and it was dead. One hit. Wasted 2 valuable hours. Went back south to the launch found 6' of water in wider slower shallow water surrounded mostly by 4' or less. Not really what I would call a channel but still 2' deeper than the rest of the wide slower stretch. Just enough current to have a spoon wobble but spoons were waste of time we only got one on a Dave's blade orange/yellow small spoon. Low clear water - dart time. I had two rods out with 1/8 ounce inline sinkers and 1/32 ounce hot pink head white body darts and they were getting lit up. Tried fishig 1/4 ounce closer to boat but could not get bit - not enough current to get it to lay right. Eventually switched over to all light weights and 1/32 ounce darts of hot pink or bright green chartreuse. All rods then getting hit wide left wide right 45 degree rods and right down the middle. We found the slot. The bite slowed around noon and I rigged up a rod with a 3 way swivel, 1/32 ounce bright greenie on the longer leader and a 1/16 ounce hot pink head white body on the shorter leader. Very light setup - took one long cast and set - instant hookup... Hot rod now - all else being ignored. Changed over one of the spoon rods to same exact setup and that rod then took over. If you picked one of those up and twitched it - all the better and often rewarded with a hit. Those rods were the hot rods rest of the way in 55 degree crystal clear water in rain all day. Quit before 3pm started at 7:30 but first two hours were wasted. 32 netted - lots of other hits never hooked. Far from what I would call "wild" or quality shad fishig but the two us had one triple header landed and one double rest all singles so just a slow, steady pick except for some 30 minute lulls and the last hour basically nothing hence we left. Only once, did two shad hit the double dart rig and of course it snapped the 8lb floro leader and only ended up with an average buck. Not one other person fishing from shore and no other boats.
Kyle | Pen Argyl | Sunday April 11th 6:41 am
Fished lower mt bethel area, water 54 degrees, fished 1-430 landed 5 lost 4, caught down riggers on mix of spoons and darts.
charlie 1st | | Saturday April 10th 10:43 pm
We caught a couple here and there between new hope and tinicum today. A bit of a slow pick through out the river. Even mix of roe and buck. Flutterspoons on flat lines with a 1/4 oz weight worked best a couple on crankbait rigs too.
Mike Dudas | Piscataway | Saturday April 10th 6:25 pm
Slow morning at Milford. 1 fish here 1 fish there. Not alot of boats. Water temp 54.
Charles Mcquaid | Above Shawnee | Saturday April 10th 5:05 pm
Broke the ice. Caught only one above Shawnee. Best is yet to come.