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Joseph C. | Phoenixville & Princeton | Monday May 17th 7:40 am
Saturday morning I took my last shot of the season at the Schuylkill. (The down side of warming up earlier.) I got there about 0620 and had to leave by 0845. 8 nice fish in the first hour and then it shut down. At that place the fish have their routines based on tide and water flow. I probably could have chased them around, but decided to hang where I was until I had to boogie. I ran into a few of the classical gentlemen shad fishermen, WG and George! Also a big thank you! to Chris who sent me home with a nice slot striper he'd gut hooked. It was superb! Last Friday I had my last day at the Fireman's Eddy, too. I caught 6 stripers up to 15" before I hooked 1 shad. The are still shad straggling through, probably, but the fishery is up river now. With weather calling for temps in the high 80's this week it's just getting toastier.
ShadHarris | | Sunday May 16th 9:43 pm
Will echo Rob W’s sentiment - FINALLY. This has been a bad run for me. I wish I started earlier than 4:45 because that first hour was pretty darn good as in “the way it should be”.
ShadHarris | N of Trenton - S of Sparrowbush | Sunday May 16th 9:38 pm
Will call it a good night in the waders slinging double darts. Started off thinking was on a pace to easily break 30 or 40 - getting 12 in first hour and most if not all were roe. Only thing slowing me down was a break off when another Shad hit the trailing dart and had to re-rig. I use 8# fluorocarbon leader and 6# P-line main line It was overcast and drizzle. Then it settled into what the Shad run has become last 3 seasons - a fish here and there. The sun came out and it got slower and slower as the sun went down. Another double hookup to break off to slow me down. Then did get another double when two bucks hit same exact time and got them in. Ended up 20 of 23 with slowest hookups last hour but many bumps during that period.
Robert Wright | Montague | Saturday May 15th 8:58 pm
FINALLY 35 shad, mostly gigantic roe. Fished from 2pm to 7pm at dingmans. No wind, little debris, clarity fair, temp 57
whitetail | Shohola | Friday May 14th 8:17 pm
best night of season sort of 2.5 hours first hour and half landed 13 virtually every cast had bump hit or miss. Second hour somebody flipped a switch absolutely nothing.
Joseph C. | Phoenixville & Princeton | Friday May 14th 7:37 am
I took my lunch at Easton yesterday. I got there just before noon and had the whole place to myself. The water below the dam was high but very fishable and beautifully clear. I had less than 2 hours to fish. Hooked 10 landed 8. One weird thing: for some reason 2 fish in a row took the dart down into their gullets. They were the first 2 fish all season for me that I released trailing blood. Darts hardly ever get swallowed like that. By the time I left a couple boats had set up and I saw a couple guys fishing across the way. I saw shad swimming around my legs - such a cool place!
RPS | Greeley | Thursday May 13th 8:22 pm
Fished Zane Grey tonight 4 - 6:30 hooked 8 landed 6 water high and stained water temp. 54 deg. double dart rig from shore.
Jason L | Southeast PA | Thursday May 13th 2:14 pm
RPS, will you be at Zane Grey tomorrow after 10 am? My buddy and I want to pick your brain about a few spots above the lackawaxen. You can call me. 570-510-1496. Thanks J
komar | Vernon | Thursday May 13th 8:25 am
Fished Bushkill Wed. from 7 to 5. River running high water stained but very fishable. No snot, but a little flotsam coming down but not a lot on the line. Hooked 17 boated 16. Had a nice relaxing day with my best friend Joe. That's what it is all about. Tite lines
Joseph C. | Phoenixville & Princeton | Thursday May 13th 7:33 am
I went to the beach at IBSP yesterday morning. It was a beautiful day but the fish were elsewhere.
RPS | Greeley | Wednesday May 12th 8:47 pm
Fished Zane Grey tonight 3:30 to 6 hooked 11 landed 7 water high not to dirty water temp.54 deg. double dart rig from shore.
Robert Wright | Montague | Wednesday May 12th 8:03 pm
Fished dingmans from 1pm to 6pm. River high and fast. Very heavy stain, no algae, plenty of wind. Temp 53. Caught 6. River needs a few more days to lower and clear up.
Pat C | Beach Lake | Tuesday May 11th 10:37 pm
Fished Narrowsburg PAFB access from 5:30 to 7:00 tonight, hooked 4, caught two big roe. Water is high but dropping each day.
Joseph C. | Phoenixville & Princeton | Monday May 10th 3:45 pm
I had a surprisingly productive couple hours from shore below Lambertville this afternoon. 2 American, both bucks, 4 Hickory roes, and a 14" striper. All on darts. The guy next to me was catching Herring on a flutterspoon.
Joseph C. | Phoenixville and Princeton | Monday May 10th 10:41 am
The Lehigh's coming down faster. Maybe that junction area is worth exploring even with the D less fishable.
whitetail | Shohola | Monday May 10th 7:05 am
First water at summer level and cold. now high and cold. Next week higher than normal temps so river temp will rise fast to the closing temp of 70. Not a good recipe. only 2 yesterday in 90 minutes.
Charles Mcquaid | Mile above Eshback. | Sunday May 9th 3:59 pm
Water high and somewhat stained. Caught 2 on back to back casts then nothing for an hour and a half. Above the Bushkill access.
Riverwolf | Coopersburg | Sunday May 9th 12:28 pm
River stage 7.5......temp 55....Rain up north will bring river back up....let's hope least not muddy it....
Riverwolf | Coopersburg | Saturday May 8th 12:15 pm
River is dropping 1 ft a day.....stage 8.9......temp 57......starting to clear but still a heavy will be running close to shore.....let's hope this high water level gets fish moving for a good late run....
Joseph C. | Phoenixville & Princeton | Friday May 7th 7:56 am
Nope. I guess the river's going to need time. I will heave to drive east and see if bluefish are willing to play.
Old school | Bethlehem | Thursday May 6th 7:08 pm
River at narrowsburg chocolate milk and high unfishable til sun or Monday barring any more heavy rain.
Robert Wright | Montague | Thursday May 6th 7:02 pm
River at tri state monument Muddy, high, fast Needs two more days at best
Charles Mcquaid | Bushkill | Thursday May 6th 5:29 pm
Anybody know the river conditions at the Gap and north as of today?
Joseph C. | Phoenixville | Thursday May 6th 4:09 pm
If the Delaware is all hopped up and running like chocolate, is the Lehigh maybe worth trying? I picture it as less likely to be mucky, but I don't know it well at all, myself.
Robert Wright | Montague | Thursday May 6th 2:43 pm
Joe C I know that prince. I sent him $100,000.00 in cash. Been waiting for my return. The prince said that my money was coming when the shad run was improving. Checked river today. Red and debris. Gonna need some time before the fishing improves and I get my money. Tight lines.
Joseph C. | Phoenixville | Thursday May 6th 7:36 am
River herring were a problem yesterday. Fishing in the lower river I couldn't get through them to find any shad. They hit both smaller and larger darts I had to give up.
Joseph C. | Phoenixville | Thursday May 6th 7:14 am
The guy from Malta has a cousin in an African country who's a Prince, but his money is temporarily encumbered and will gladly return 200% of your money if you allow him use of your credit card info and bank account...
Riverwolf | Coopersburg | Thursday May 6th 5:20 am
River is blown out for a few days.....Stage 10.2.....temp 59.....Upper river creating might be fishable by Fri or Sat...
mark | Portland | Wednesday May 5th 9:06 pm
Out 3 times , one roe total. Not so hot.
Robert Wright | Montague | Wednesday May 5th 5:20 pm
Since there will be limited fishing in the near future due to river conditions, I will give yesterdays report. Fished Milford from 2pm to 630pm. Temp 56.5, little wind, water clarity fair, river snot. Anchored at choke point in 10 feet of water. Caught 5. Fish finder showed hundreds of fish traveling north.
Pat C | Beach Lake | Wednesday May 5th 11:02 am
Fished Narrowsburg PAFB PA side for about 2 hours, hooked three, landed 1. Water was little high but clear.
RPS | Greeley | Wednesday May 5th 8:48 am
The river at Berryville went up 3 1/2 feet over night. They had 3" of rain up in Wayne county last night.
RPS | Greeley | Tuesday May 4th 8:16 pm
Fished Zane Grey tonight 4 - 6 hooked 10 landed 6 one hooked in tail 2 hooked on side of gill plate the rest just barely hooked in skin on. outside of mouth. Fishing from shore double dart rig water temp. 56 deg. Still many bumps not hooking up. Also had to clean snot off darts almost every cast'
RPS | Greeley | Tuesday May 4th 1:44 pm
Phil I always crush the barbs on my hooks I usually don't have a problem. I know by the feel that the dart was hitting fish but they were not biting it. Anyway I put on all new darts and leaders last night and will give it another try tonight.
Phil M. | Sandyston | Tuesday May 4th 12:26 pm
RPS: I lost 6 in a row one time before I realized I had tied on a dart that was made with no barb on the hook. Just a thought.
Jim C. | Boyertown | Tuesday May 4th 12:07 pm
PA fish comm. 2012 schuyllkill study. wish it was more current.
RPS | Greeley | Monday May 3rd 7:38 pm
Fished Zane Grey 4 - 6 tonight hooked 12 landed 7 . Had around 30 hits but very hard to hook up many on for 3-4 seconds then off. One that I landed was hooked in the gill plate another was hooked under the jaw. Fished from shore double dart rig water temp. 54 deg.
Charles Mcquaid | Bushkill | Monday May 3rd 5:03 pm
Another slow day. Fished Bushkill today could only manage 2.
Joseph C. | Phoenixville | Monday May 3rd 2:37 pm
I fished an eddy below Lambertville for an hour or so this morning and caught 1 Hickory, 1 striper and 5 River Herring. The herring were bigger than the striper. I almost lost one herring as I reeled it in to a MUCH larger striper that swirled at it 5 feet from shore. Scared the breakfast out of me, might near.
Joseph C. | Phoenixville | Monday May 3rd 2:35 pm
Mike, I don't know that shad have reached as far upstream as the Black Rock dam, but stripers have been caught there by people I know. I don't know anybody who's tried to catch them above the Flat Rock Dam. WG has caught them there, though. My guess is that they have made it to Phoenixville, just not in numbers large enough to register.
Nate | Easton | Monday May 3rd 11:14 am
Fished Easton from shore yesterday. It was fairly slow but did manage a few and saw some others caught. I hear the boats started out slow in the morning but had a good rush of fish around lunchtime. Charles M 25 inches is a slob, nice catch
Mike Murray | Orwigsburg | Monday May 3rd 8:52 am
Joseph C. do you know how far the shad migrate up the Schuylkill? Are they coming as far as Reading?
Joseph C. | Phoenixville | Monday May 3rd 7:52 am
...I recommended to him that he check out Rusty Balls for darts. Rusty, I don't know if you have any left, but I tried to send him your way.
Joseph C. | Phoenixville | Monday May 3rd 7:44 am
Fishing was very good on the Schuylkill yesterday evening. I fished from almost 5PM and was walking out at 7PM. 4 landed on my first 4 casts and 6 for 10 before it settled into a more reasonable percentage. Early on it was about 50 / 50 Hickories and American shad, then the Hickories tapered off to 1 in 10 or so. I have no idea how many I ended up with, but it was for sure my best outing of the year. I met a guy who had just moved to the city from Pittsburgh and had never caught a shad. He was using a fly rod but had had no joy and no confidence in his tactics. After I lent him a dart rig he finally hooked up with a fish that pulled like hell and he was in heaven until he saw it was a big catfish. He finally did get his first shad on his spinning gear. I can't remember his name - sorry guy! (It's all those concussions I enjoyed as a youth that have left swiss cheese in my head.)
Robert Wright | Montague | Sunday May 2nd 8:25 pm
Fished north of dingmans. Temp 56.5, heavy river snot, river up at least 2.5 feet, clarity poor. Caught 5. Plenty of fish on fish finder. Maybe next week
Charles Mcquaid | Above Smithfield Beach. | Sunday May 2nd 6:05 pm
Another slow day above Smithfield beach. Caught 3 in 2 hrs. But 1 was my personal best. About 25 inches, 5 to 6 lbs.
Old school | Bethlehem | Sunday May 2nd 10:00 am
Fished Lambertville from 5 to 8 caught 1 Rowe was the only hit I had.i am agreeing that the run is way down although we have a lot of fishing time left.three years ago we had a pretty good run.last year's was definitely down and this year's is far worse.i have been at this for 48 years and base my opinion on a lot of intelligence.i speak with a lot of trout guides and rafting guides as well as parks employees who spend a lot of time on the river.hopefully it will improve there is still time left.
Riverwolf | Coopersburg | Saturday May 1st 9:43 pm
River on the rise due to reservoir releases.....5.2.....temp 59.....lots of debris in the river....stay away from plugs and dipsy divers.....revert to old school flat lines and jigging......clean lines are there....
Dennis J Scholl | Hellertown | Saturday May 1st 8:01 pm
Mike, I guess we disagree on the taste of shad. I don't disagree with you about the run although I honestly haven't been out enough yet to get a good gauge on things. I've been to Riegelsville six times and the best fishing I've seen and experienced was not this past week, but the week before. Then the cold snap hit and then it got hot again. Odd spring. I'll be out Monday and Tuesday at Riegelsville again. I did well there last year until about the 20th, then I quit for the year. The guys who I have seen consistently catching them are using the crankbaits and downriggers. Number of boats in that stretch is going down, though that makes sense.
Mike Dudas | Piscataway | Saturday May 1st 5:16 pm
Dennis. No disrespect but shad are the most ill tasting fish that swim. There is no method of preparation to make them edible. You know the old joke. Cook them on a plank. When done throw the shad away and eat the plank. No joke. That being said. All the doomsday predictions for a bad run, I gotta agree. Fished Milford last Tuesday. 4 hours, not a bump. Tried every trick I know. Still scratching my head.