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RPS | Greeley | Friday April 22nd 7:16 pm
Fished Zane Grey tonight 3:30 -5 pm hooked one shad it got off at my feet had another hit but not sure what it was. Water temp. 49 deg. windy water was clear but still high.
Charles mc. | | Friday April 22nd 3:43 pm
Bushkill boat launch is open. Fishing’s been tough so far but this weekends weather should get the bite going.
the salmon kidd | herndon | Friday April 22nd 3:02 pm
is the buskill boat launch open? is anyone catching shad in the Delaware water gap?
Joseph C. | Phoenixville & Princeton | Friday April 22nd 7:28 am
The Schuylkill warmed up by almost 7 degrees yesterday. A nice shallow river...
Mike Ferraro | West Chester pa | Thursday April 21st 9:45 pm
No Shad. I haven't been down since the 15th. Had a friend fished Octoraro, Deer Creek and the River yesterday, the 20th. He go only is hickory in the river. Some were being caught at the mouth of Deer creek by spin fishermen. Seems odd this year. Mike
Whitetail | Shohola | Thursday April 21st 9:05 pm
broke ice with first of season tonight but slow afterward few bumps and one followed dart to my feet think just too cold. However if we have sun the temp should jump with river falling slowly better action should arrive
Joseph C. | Phoenixville & Princeton | Thursday April 21st 7:15 am
I stopped by the Schuylkill yesterday midday. The tide was way out and there was way too much muddy water still shooting through. It was unfishable but instructive to see so much of the rocky bottom. This weekend should have productive conditions.
Mike T | Hegins | Thursday April 21st 6:40 am
Looking forward to Saturday.
Anthony | | Wednesday April 20th 12:06 pm
Oh wow, maybe I’ll go over the Rt 80 bridge to the Jersey side and try that when the water gets better to fish. Thanks
Charles mcquaid | | Wednesday April 20th 9:22 am
That section of 611 is closed indefinitely because there was lots of road damage from the heavy rains about a week ago.
Anthony | Township | Wednesday April 20th 8:57 am
Is there any where to park along Rt. 611 just south of the overlook to the Water Gap. There used to be a spot on the side of the road where a couple of cars would fit. Is that still available? I haven’t been there in years but am able to go now. I used to park there and cross the road and crawl down the bank to the railroad tracks and then down to the river. I did well there. I know there is a parking lot at the bottom of the hill but it would be too far for me to walk to where I would like to fish.
RPS | Greeley | Tuesday April 19th 9:20 am
We got about 3" of snow on the ground allot more melted as it fell got .90" of rain on my rain gauge as of midnight. Rivers up a foot as of midnight and still going up. Water temp. down to 43 deg. Warmer weather is on the way 72 by sunday.
| | Tuesday April 19th 9:20 am
Webmaster, you are a force for good in the universe!
Joseph C. | Phoenixville & Princeton | Tuesday April 19th 7:49 am
I had 1 hour to fish on my way home yesterday afternoon at the Schuylkill. As it turned out I was walking back to my car just as the rain started. I left the fish hitting after catching a mix of American and Hickories. I would have staid and gotten wet, but I had left my vest with all my rigs in another car and only found enough darts and such to do any fishing by looking in cracks in my trunk for fallen stuff. I actually stopped fishing because the last fish spit the hook 10 feet out and it wrapped around a tree branch out of reach above me. The D is probably not fishable for a few days and the Schuylkill's worse right now. They might be looking much better this weekend, though, with no rain in the forecast and sunny skies. I haven't seen the reports about snow to the north yet.
whitetail | Shohola | Monday April 18th 3:12 pm
River going up. Temp going down. Could be lots of snow tonight. sigh maybe the weekend
No Shad | | Monday April 18th 12:45 pm
@ Mike F. There are no shad at DC and OCT
Richard Fasanello | | Sunday April 17th 12:41 pm
Thank you for that WEBMASTER, thou someone who has been censored has often been good for a laugh
| | Sunday April 17th 11:14 am
While birding at Bulls's Island this AM, there was a nice red handle rubber mesh landing net on the cemented stone berm at 40.404924, -75.028417 No boat or shore anglers there. Water looked stained.
ShadHarris | S of Dingman’s | Sunday April 17th 10:58 am
My buddy and I each got 9 Saturday afternoon. A few nice roe in the mix. 52 degree water still high and stained but finally fishable. Now Mother Nature will kill it again with a big chill and river at gap forecasted to rise 3 feet by Wednesday.
William Voutsinas | Trenton | Sunday April 17th 10:28 am
Delaware river trenton
Webmaster | | Sunday April 17th 9:23 am
Just a reminder if u make stupid comments or nasty comments they will be removed or profanity Thank u the webmaster
Rustyballs | Easton | Sunday April 17th 9:19 am
Fished Easton again yesterday got into em again ended the day with 32 ….morning bite was awesome If u need tackle call me 484-239-4723 Darts,spoons,diver plugs,inline sinkers, river anchors and more 484-239-4723 All your Shad fishing needs will be available by the weigh station during the tournament
Zach | Philadelphia | Saturday April 16th 3:20 pm
Fished the Schuylkill for 3.5 hours today starting at 11 am, I got zip but two young guys caught one hickory and one american.
Duff | | Saturday April 16th 12:51 pm
He went to church first !
| | Saturday April 16th 12:47 pm
RUSTY, how many anglers, how many lures in the water, how many hours?
Steve Gershberg | 07054 | Saturday April 16th 12:35 pm
Looking for shad fishing reports.
Rustyballs | | Saturday April 16th 8:56 am
Got on em Friday 65 total for the day Back at it again today
Dave D | Robbinsville, NJ | Friday April 15th 9:53 pm
Water Temp @ Trenton was 55F and somewhat stained. Fishe From 3:30 until sunset at spots that I have fished 35+ years. Two small bucks maybe 3 lbs (tops). Other reports do not look very promising.
RPS | Greeley | Friday April 15th 6:13 pm
Fished Zane Grey 4:30 - 6:00 pm caught 1 shad and a fallfish. Very windy water temp. 51.9 deg. level at 7.4' and clear. Used double dart rig from shore.
Anthony | Burlington City | Friday April 15th 5:49 pm
Fished the Easton, PA area today from 7AM-3PM. No shad. Haven’t seen or heard about any shad caught in Burlington for almost two weeks. Still plenty of time left. Planning a trip up to the Delaware Water Gap in the near future.
Mark | Worthington | Friday April 15th 12:58 pm
Fished for a little over an hour three spots where I have caught them over The years. No fish or hits. Will try in the am
Michael Ferraro | West Chester PA | Friday April 15th 10:50 am
Hickories are finally in at Deer creek and the Octoraro. Went yesterday and caught them up.
RPS | Greeley | Thursday April 14th 6:16 pm
Fished Zane Grey 3:30pm - 4:30pm got 0 water was down to 6.5 ' water temp. 50 deg. The boat ramp is clear now NPS took care of it.
| | Thursday April 14th 3:19 pm
Eli wisor when water is high and dirty use 2 inch crappie jigs darker colors always work best in dirty water . Just use 1 jig and in line weight or split shot to get you down I use 16 18 inch leader froms swivel
Zach | Philadelphia | Thursday April 14th 12:22 pm
Joseph C. thank you for the Schuylkill update, always appreciate it. I look forward to loosing more rigs there this weekend since I'm still learning the water/shad fishing in general - ha!
| | Thursday April 14th 11:16 am
Tom D, I fish there when I can, but am waiting a bit for the conditions to improve. Where I'm itching to try again is the Wing Dam below Lamberton. I have never gotten the hang of fishing that water, but I believe it could be productive. Again, I will wait for conditions. I'm going to stop at the Fairmount Dam again on the way home. ...BTW, I wonder how the advertising SPAM is defeating the CAPTCHA...
Tom D | Trenton | Thursday April 14th 10:05 am
Fished Trenton from 8:30 to 9:30 AM. It was supposed to be low tide, but it's equivalent to mid tide and still murky. I had one hit, but saw one shad caught. Several other guys had some hits as well...all are using flutter spoons. I'll wait for a few days for the river to clear up somewhat. I don't think the main run is through yet.
| | Wednesday April 13th 3:26 pm
Any recent reports from Belvidere bridge launch or the Copper mine?11
Joseph C. | Phoenixville & Princeton | Wednesday April 13th 2:37 pm
...oh, and Nath, be careful there. You can get yourself in trouble in a hurry, especially if you are wading. Be super cautious - those rocks are slippery and when the water's moving it can knock you over in a second.
Joseph C. | Phoenixville & Princeton | Wednesday April 13th 2:28 pm
I fished the Schuylkill both yesterday afternoon and this morning for a little while. Yesterday was a hard slog, with a bit too much water flowing through and the wind whipping down the river. Still, I caught 2 American bucks and a fat Hickory mama. I christened my new noodle rod! This morning it was a whole new river. The tide was approaching full, but the current was just about right for dart fishing. I landed one buck, a hickory, and then after a dry half hour or so landed 3 nice roes and dropped 2 more. I had to go back to work, but I think that the fishing would have carried on improving as the water warmed and the tide moved. The Delaware should be getting very good real soon now.
Joseph C. | Phoenixville & Princeton | Wednesday April 13th 2:19 pm
Hey, Nath, Penn Argyl looks to be about 12 miles as the crow flies from Easton. One of the most widely known (not a burnable spot, IMO) places to fish for shad is the confluence of the Lehigh and Delaware. It's a big place and you can fish all sorts of specific spots and catch fish. It also pays to sit and watch a bit, too, if you're so inclined. As a Noob, I can safely predict that you will lose a lot of rigs on the bottom until you get the hang of the place, so be prepared. Watch for people fishing both above and below the Lehigh, as well as on both sides of it. Don't fish too close to the ladder, though. Give the poor fish a chance!
| | Wednesday April 13th 1:43 pm
Why anglers are reluctant to share spots (from personal experience). I take you. Next day you will be there with two others I do not even know. The next day they will each bring two more strangers. Before I know it, I will not have a place to park or a rock to stand on.
Nath | Pen Argyl | Wednesday April 13th 7:52 am
Serious noob here, looking to get in on the action. I’m fishing from shore, does anyone know some good spots they’d be willing to share?
| | Tuesday April 12th 5:34 pm
Fished where the Leigh meets the Delaware 0 fish any help would be approached fished from shore with shad darts
RPS | Greeley | Tuesday April 12th 5:13 pm
Tried Zane Grey from shore 3pm to 4:30 pm water down to 8' and temp. was up to 45 deg. got 0. About half the parking lot is cleared now but you still can't get to the launch.
| | Tuesday April 12th 4:01 pm
Should have done it two days ago.
RPS | Greeley | Monday April 11th 9:05 am
The Zane Grey launch is not usable right now it's under 2' - 3' of mud and debris can't get to ramp or even drive in lower parking area.
Dave | Eldred | Monday April 11th 6:47 am
Hey Eli, not sure how much experience shad fishing you have, that said, go to known spots that you have caught them before and cast out straight across or slightly downstream with shad darts. Let the cast swing with the current till it is downstream from you.1/8,1/4, even 1/2 oz. darts should work. The river drops pretty quick. The water temp. Is low right now but that will rise later this week as weather is finally warming for a few days. ( Thank you God !) Farther south on the river may get you more action this time of year, good luck.
Eli wisor | Altoona pa | Saturday April 9th 10:53 pm
I know the Delaware it really really high right now but I already got a trip set up for next week so does anyone have any suggestions on how to fish from shore when the water is really high like this and if anyone had any predictions for next week on how the fishing would be that would be great too
Phil M. | Sandyston | Saturday April 9th 6:57 pm
Below is a you-tube link which shows some pictures of the flood of 1955 in the aftermath of Hurricane Diane. Some of you guys might recognize some of the areas shown. It was the worst flood ever known of the Big D.