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| | Tuesday June 8th 8:40 am
Duke E Smith do you wade or you fishing from boat?
Duke E Smith | Bethlehem | Monday June 7th 3:31 pm
What a day!fished above dingmans started at 445 am.nothing til the sun came up at 545 then wham.caught 6 in a row on small sun came up fish were everywhere.broke out fly rod and that's when the fun started.hammeredthem for hours on small flashy streamer i tie .then they stopped broke out spinning rod and crushed them again.then back to the fly rod and crushed them on that again.stopped at 2 because my arms were ready to fall off.a mix of buck and was very strange.the water really warmed up was,a mix of spawning fish spawned out fish and fresh fish that were not spawning but heading upriver.i also saw some dead fish coming down.starting to wind down may get out next week yet can probably catch them above narrowsburg for another month.what a strange year!
Charles Mcquaid | Late season spot14 | Saturday June 5th 5:56 pm
14 caught and released today. My last outing of the year. I’m addicted. Next years run can’t come to soon.
Joseph C. | Phoenixville & Princeton | Thursday June 3rd 7:00 am
Thanks everybody for sharing your season with me. I look forward to watching things warm up next February. In the interim I'll have to make do bothering stripers, blues and fluke, I guess.
Robert Wright | Montague | Wednesday June 2nd 9:13 pm
My final evening of shad fishing 2021. North of dingmans. Caught 42, temp 62, water cloudy, no debris, no wind. Two last nights were exceptional. No bass or stripers. Homemade flutterspoons did the job
Charles Mcquaid | Above Eshback | Wednesday June 2nd 6:14 pm
10 more today and a nice 18 inch walleye. Not done yet.
Robert Wright | Montague | Tuesday June 1st 9:15 pm
Fished north of dingmans. Temp 60 degrees, little wind, no debris, water cloudy. Fished 3 to 730. 37 shad, 11 bass, 26 inch striper. All on flutterspoons. Mostly large roes with fat bellies
Charles Mcquaid | Above Eshback. | Tuesday June 1st 5:55 pm
11 more today. This spot is Golden late season. 9 big roes, 2 bucks.
Charles Mcquaid | Above Eshback | Monday May 31st 5:31 pm
Landed 7 Shad and 3 got off at the net. Last 2 days of cold lowered the water temp which seemed to energize the fish. All Roe caught in current with a good flow.
Joe | | Sunday May 30th 8:36 pm
Did anyone fish today? How are the river conditions for tomorrow looking?
Randy | | Sunday May 30th 7:04 pm
No shad Saturday evening above Eshback. No hits. Didn't scale any and only saw one that surfaced. Switched over to other species for a little action anyway. 2 smallmouth last one 16". In between those lost what was probably a decent walleye.
Charles Mcquaid | Above Eshback | Friday May 28th 4:51 pm
Caught 7 Shad today and 2 small Stripers all on darts. Above Eshback.
RPS | Greeley | Friday May 28th 2:05 pm
Fished Zane Grey and in the rapids under Robling Bridge Thursday 5/27 3:30 - 6 pm not a hit. Water temp. was 75 deg. They are spawning up here now too. Think I'm done for this year.
E | Bethlehem | Friday May 28th 9:38 am
Dan this is typically how they act when it is spawning can go to a micro dart or I like the fly rod with a small flashy fly but it is much harder to get them to hit.from what your seeing it is time to head up north where the water is much cooler and the spawn a little bit later.good luck.
Duke E Smith | Bethlehem | Friday May 28th 7:01 am
It was the best day I had in many years.i think ur right Randy might get another week or two of good action before it gets full blown spawning then we will have to head up above narrowsburg for the action.i sight fish with the fly rod when it gets really low but it is much harder to get them too hit.
Dan | Above Smithfield Beach | Friday May 28th 7:00 am
I observed the shad stacked up swimming through a small rapid, I could put a dart or spoon in their face every cast but they would not bite. Is that typical behavior when the fish are getting ready to spawn? Also witnessed many fish swimming and jumping at the surface
Randy | | Thursday May 27th 7:43 pm
Awesome Duke. Sounds like a special moment. My arms would say uncle after about 25 especially if the shad are still fresh. Cool and drizzle is the forecast for a few days might keep the shad perky for a while yet.
Duke E Smith | Bethlehem | Thursday May 27th 7:05 am
Fished above dingmans so much for it being a bad run.started at 5 am had the place entirely to my self which is the way I like it.first cast it was still dark caught a nice row.then caught one on every cast afterwards til I left at at 1045.i stopped counting at fifty and I think I easily doubled that.used darts color didn't matter fish were stacked up like Chordwood in rapids getting ready for spawning.water is very warm did observe spawning activity once sun came up
Randy | | Wednesday May 26th 12:17 am
11 for 11 above Eshback Tuesday evening. Shad were a bit more energetic after the cooler weather. A few were even jumpers. Saw some spawning activity but not full throttle. It will be cool over the weekend again.
Charles Mcquaid | Above Eshback14 | Tuesday May 25th 6:00 pm
14 today but no lack of fish. Dingmans and Milford get ready. Saw tons of fish moving upriver today in the clear water. They didn’t want to hit much but there’s lots on the move.
Shaddered | mertztown | Tuesday May 25th 5:13 pm
5/19 caught 15 .lost 12. 15 bumps.
Charles Mcquaid | Somewhere above Eshback. | Monday May 24th 6:46 pm
Best day so far at my late season spot that always seems to produce. 31 caught and many missed. All big heavy Roe. Back at it tomorrow.
Nate | Lackawaxen | Monday May 24th 8:10 am
Saturday evening Zane Grey 3 guys fishing no shad. Moved downstream several miles and found two buck Shad and a smallmouth. Tough year
Randy | | Monday May 24th 1:52 am
Above Bushkill Sunday evening caught 3 in the fast water but the water temperatures really soared. The last roe caught fought well in heavy current, but it takes a lot of their energy with the higher river temps. Probably go back a few times to fish for other species and check out locations I haven't fished before.
Duke E Smith | Bethlehem | Sunday May 23rd 9:43 am
Thanks Dennis it's getting harder to find darts anymore.i have been tying flies for years but never made darts.may start this winter.its funny how things have changed.i fish entirely from shore and like the darts because I just change size for getting the right depth.with the spoons u have to deal with sinkers and swivels which always get tangled up.i only use them when it is you remember joe cotton from philly?he only used a plain led dart and would just shine it up.i used only red and white when I started then for a while added the I have too many colors to choose from.its strange sometimes it matters sometimes not.
Charles Mcquaid | Above Eshback | Saturday May 22nd 6:15 pm
8 today.ill take it. Double dart rig. All in swift current. This spot produces every year from now thru the 1st week of June or so. Caught over 100 here in a 3 day stretch here last year in early June. Hoping for a repeat.
Dennis J Scholl | Hellertown | Saturday May 22nd 9:33 am
Thanks, Duke. Lester could always be counted on to help with whatever you needed to do. Good guy. Dick Buchfeller was a good friend and another great worker for the club, as was his wife Shirley. Yes, time grabs everyone eventually, some too soon. Put Angelo Christopher on the list. Cripes, my dad would have been 102 years old this past January. That boggles my mind. Keep fishing. If you ever need darts, let me know.
Duke E Smith | Bethlehem | Friday May 21st 1:15 pm
Unfortunately he died about five years ago.i miss him greatly I am still using the last of his darts.i used to drive him crazy with all the different color combos I would order and as u said he would liven things up.i was fortunate to learn from him and some of the other greats like Portland Charlie,bupper Sweeney,Barry Colby ,dick buchfeller and many others.god bless them all I hope they r enjoying the great shad run in the sky.
Dennis J Scholl | Hellertown | Friday May 21st 12:45 pm
Duke, good story. I've been out of touch for so long with a lot of club members; is Lester still with us? He had a way of enlivening board meetings.
Duke E Smith | Bethlehem | Friday May 21st 11:36 am
I will give you my bear story.i used to camp out with one of the founding members Lester Siegfried every memorial day at ten mile river below narrowsburg.we were fishing in the morning and heard some horrendous bawling in the brush but paid no attention to it because the shad were hitting on it was a holiday weekend a lot of rafters were on the river .this guy in the front of the raft came thru the river right and front of me and in a thick new York accent started yelling at me asking me if I wanted a beer As it was early and the bite was on I declined he kept yelling and pointing behind me.i turned and realized he wasn't saying beer he was saying bear and right behind us was I large bear eating a freshly killed fawn.i must have looked like Jesus walking on water as I took off for the other side of the river.lester dropped and lost his rod because he was laughing so hard and was on the other side of the river The bear paid no attention to us or the rafters and just sat there until it was done eating the fawn and then it slowly ambled off.
SUPERFISHERMAN | Water gap | Friday May 21st 7:54 am
Along the subject of seeing and fishing with other wildlife- there is absolutely nothing more electrifying then FISHING WITH THE EAGLES- this occurs just about every day you fish this spot in the Water Gap.
RPS | Greeley | Thursday May 20th 9:05 pm
Fished Zane Grey 5 - 8 tonight hooked and landed 6 also a few bumps that didn't hook up fished from shore double dart rig most on small dart. water temp. 69 deg. Also saw spawning activity and two dead shad in the water.
Duke E Smith | Bethlehem | Thursday May 20th 6:59 am
Nice night on the river fished easton from 5 to 8 firrst hour not a bite.then they started hitting .from 6 to 630 non stop action.then it slowed down to a trickle and after 7 not a bump.ended up with 8 out of 10 all on small darts.all big strong Rowe.
RPS | Greeley | Wednesday May 19th 8:34 pm
Fished Zane Grey 4 - 7 tonight hooked 9 landed 5 fished from shore , double dart rig water temp.65 deg.
Dick Marshall | | Wednesday May 19th 6:05 pm
To Joseph C. Would you please email me at i would very much like to communicate with you regarding Schuylkill River shad. I did the initial studies on restoration feasibility back in the 1970s
Charles Mcquaid | The river | Wednesday May 19th 4:17 pm
Was fishing the Delaware last summer and heard a large splash downstream. A bear had jumped in the river and swam from pa to the jersey side. Have seen beavers and an otter also.
Randy | | Wednesday May 19th 1:18 pm
I've seen seen deer try to run across the Lehigh in shallow rapids and flip over when there legs get undercut and right back up again almost in one motion and continue running. That's what is great about fishing you can see a lot. Where there is water there is life. Usually. I never saw a bear along the river or crossing, only in a marsh or wading in a lake.
RPS | Grreley | Wednesday May 19th 12:30 pm
I have twice seen bear swim across above Zane Grey over the years fishing.
Joseph C. | Phoenixville & Princeton | Wednesday May 19th 7:50 am
Randy, that sounds like a near perfect afternoon. Deer swimming across the river... I don't see that on the Schuylkill.
Randy | | Wednesday May 19th 1:35 am
Bushkill area 4 till dark, wading. 1 shad,1 smallie, 2 walleye,1 brute of a brown trout. Switch between shad fishing and casting a crankbait. The last hour for everything but the shad. The brownie was 21", dark underbelly. Look like it was in the Delaware a while so I left him stay. Also 2 doe swam across the river. Not the first time I've seen that but always cool regardless.
Robert Wright | Montague | Wednesday May 19th 12:13 am
Fished dingmans from 330 to 730. Boated 18 lost 8. Little wind, heavy debris, temp 60, water clarity fair.
KennyP | Delaware River - Tri State Monument | Tuesday May 18th 8:25 pm
Went from 5:30pm to 7:30pm, ran a double dart rig with a split shot above, nothing.. no action anywhere to be seen, water was decently clear, ok current, lots of top water pollen string and leafs, bottom still clear but weeds are slowly growing along the normal bank edges. Thats a wrap for me, skunked all year, hopefully next year is better.
Duke | Bethlehem | Tuesday May 18th 7:52 pm
Old school we must have been fishing the same area on Wed.i had the same problem with the high water and turns out there were some beavers at work and they made a partial dam that raised it up and made a mess until it was cleared out.
Joseph C. | Phoenixville & Princeton | Tuesday May 18th 12:53 pm
"That roe is what we call a Professional release." ...and for bluefish we say a fervent THANK YOU!
komar | Vernon | Tuesday May 18th 8:24 am
ShadHarris, That roe is what we call a Professional release. Keep up your reports, they are always very helpful. Thank you and tite lines.
Robert Wright | Montague | Monday May 17th 10:39 pm
Fished dingmans from 3pm to 7pm. Caught 14, most after 6pm. All roes. Temp 60, debris heavy, water getting clearer and lower, no wind
ShadHarris | Water gap viscinity | Monday May 17th 9:28 pm
Ok night 4:40 pm to 7:20. My buddy and I stood 20 feet apart and he went 12 of 14 and I went 14 of 16. Plenty of missed bumps mixed in. Did land a good size roe and a bonus buck on double dart rig. (Well the roe pulled off by my boots so I am counting it). Sporadic action. At one point caught a Shad 3 consecutive casts then would go 20 or more casts with nothing.
RPS | Greeley | Monday May 17th 7:50 pm
Fished Zane Grey from shore tonight 4 - 6 pm hooked 7 landed 5 water temp. 60 deg. double dart rig.
Duke | Allentown | Monday May 17th 10:54 am
Fished Martin's creek and belvadere not a bump spoke with 3 other fishermen 1 boat 2 shore 0 as well.definitely a bad run this year so far only caught fish good 1 out of five times.there is still away to go will try above gap next time and once the river drops and I sight fish will be able to get a picture of how many are around.
Old school | Bethlehem | Monday May 17th 8:01 am
Started out at easton noaa site said river at 5 ft closer to 10 and rising lots of debris!going to try one more spot should of went trout fishing lol.either they had major rain up north or they are cranking water out at the dams.